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University of Colorado Denver

Denver Campus Students

Information about Denver Campus Student Accounts

 Welcome to the University of Colorado Denver!
Many undergraduate students attend courses at the Denver Campus, also referred to as the Auraria or Downtown Campus, because of its location. One of the most important things you will need while attending the University is access to your Account.

You will use your University account to access many campus electronic resources and computers. Below are the top questions students ask about their University Account.
Question: Why do I need my University Account?
Answer: Your University Account is how you access and login to several University systems and electronic resources, including:
The University “UCD Access” Student Portal – So you can access your Student Information including: Financial Aid, Registration Status and other University Account Information.

University (Windows Live) Student Email Account – So you can officially communicate with your instructors, fellow students and other University employees.
Campus Computers & the “UCDenver” Campus wireless network
– So you can login to computers and the secure “UCDenver” Wireless Network while on Campus.
Question: When can I activate/claim my University Account?
Answer: When you have been matriculated you can activate/claim your University Account. After you have been admitted to the University, you will begin the matriculation process, where your information is imported into the different University Information Systems.

Typically 24-48 hours (1-2 business days) after you are admitted you will be matriculated and issued your University Account. To check your matriculation status, contact the Denver Campus Admissions Office at (303) 556-2704 or or the IT Services Help Desk at (303) 724-4357.
Question: How do I activate/claim my University Student Account?
Answer: Claiming your University Account is online and accessible 24 hours/day.

Step 1: Go to the University Account Claiming website:
Step 2: Enter/Verify the following information to claim your University account:
  • Your Student ID Number
  • Your Official Last Name
  • Your Month and Day of Birth
Step 3: Select/Answer 5 security questions, you can answer to reset your password later
Step 4: Enter/Confirm your account password, you will use to login to University systems
Step 5: Your account information is displayed, record your username & email address

*If you do not know your Student ID Number, contact the University Registrar’s Office by phone at 303-556-2389 (Denver Campus) or (303) 724-8059 (Anschutz Campus).
*For account claiming issues, call the IT Services Help Desk at: (303) 724-4357 (4-HELP)
Question: After I claim my University Student Account, how do I use it?
Answer: After you register your University Account, you will receive:
Your Username
- that you will use to login to the UCD Access Student Portal (, Campus Computers and UCDenver wireless network. 
  • Your username is usually created using part of your last and first name. For example: John Smith may have a username “SmithJ” or “SmithJo”.
Your Email Address - that you will use as your Office 365 Login ID to login to Office 365 Email ( & others will use to officially communicate with you.
  • Your email address is created using your first and last name, and ends with “”. For example: Jane Smith may have the email address “ or
Your Account Password - that you will set in the last step when you activate/claim your account and you will need to login to the O365 Email Site, UCD Access Portal, etc.
Question: What is my Account Password?
Answer: Your University Account Password is used to login to the UCD Access Portal, Office 365 Email System, Campus ("UCDenver") Wireless & Campus Computers. You will set your Account Password when you claim your account. Never Give Out Your Password!

Your Password should be strong and needs to meet the requirements below:
  • It cannot contain more than 2 characters from your: Name, Username or Student ID #
  • It cannot contain dictionary words longer than 4 letters or the symbols: (* - ; , / < or >)
  • It cannot be one of your previous 12 University account passwords
  •  It must be at least 8 characters long (using letters, numbers or symbols)
  •  It must contain a combination of three out of the four of the following:
  1. Upper-case letters (A-Z)
  2. Lower-case letters (a-z)
  3. Numbers (0-9)
  4. Symbols (! $ # or %)
For further account assistance, Denver Campus Students can contact the IT Services Help Desk at 303-724-4357 (4-HELP). We are available Monday through Friday, 7:30am-5:00pm. Closed Saturday and Sundays.

Question: How do I setup Office 365 Email on my Phone or Tablet?
Answer: You can use go to the Email Documents and Guides page to guide you through setting up your email account on your mobile device (iPad, Android phone, etc.).
You will need the setup information below and your University Email Address, Username and Password (which you receive when you claim your account) to setup your email account on a smartphone, tablet or computer email client (such as Outlook).

Based on your phone's software, choose one of the following methods (POP/IMAP/SMTP) and use the following information
to setup your email account on your phone:
POP Settings:
  - Server Name: or
  - Port: 995
  - Encryption Type: SSL
IMAP Settings:
  - Server Name: or
  - Port: 993
  - Encryption Type: SSL
SMTP Settings:
  - Server Name: or
  - Port: 587
  - Encryption Type: SSL
Question: What if I need help with Office 365?
Answer: The IT Services Help Desk or Microsoft Technical Support can provide you assistance with the following:

The University IT Services Help Desk can answer questions about: Account Claiming, Account Activation, Office 365 Email Setup, Remote Access Using Your University Account (VPN) and other general questions (changing your password, etc.).

Microsoft Support can answer questions about: Office 365 Email Recovery, Advanced Office 365 Email Features, Lync Messenger, SkyDrive, Microsoft Photo Gallery and other specific questions about the intermediate to advanced features of the Office 365 System (website issues or questions about site/system security).

Contact Microsoft at: 1-800-865-9408
Question: What about Blackboard Access and Support?
Answer: Blackboard Support is provided by the CU Online Help Desk, they provide dedicated support for the Blackboard E-Learning Site and System.

The Blackboard Login Site (with online password help) is: The CU Online Help Desk can be reached at (303) 315-3700 or
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