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Human Resources

UC Denver - Human Resources

Human Resources Staff


 Staff Directory


 Associate Vice Chancellor's Office

HR consists of Talent Acquisition and Compensation; Employee Relations and Performance; Human Resources Operations; and Learning and Development. 

Carolyn Brownawell

Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources

303-315-2727  ​

A message from the Chief Human Resources Officer​

MaryAnn Hill

Executive Assistant 



 Talent Acquisition & Compensation

The Talent Acquisition and Compensation team offers consulting services to employees, supervisors, and managers who have questions or need assistance with the following:
  • Compensation policy interpretation and application
  • Salary analysis for Officer and University Staff positions
  • Creation, reallocation or recruitment for Classified positions
  • Faculty selection and compensation
  • Requests for exemption, recruitment or waiver for University Staff positions
  • In-range and discretionary pay requests
  • Additional remuneration
  • One-time payment requests
  • Separation leave payouts
  • Consultation on Classified retention rights and layoff processes
  • Review of requests for compression and equity increases
  • HCM use and security access
  • Overtime eligibility determination (Fair Labor Standards Act)

Florie Montoya
Senior Director of Talent Acquisition and Compensation

Recruitment, selection, job evaluation and compensation consultation for Faculty, University Staff, and Classified positions. Volunteers and HCM and Taleo system upgrade.

Mark Genkinger
Talent Acquisition Manager

Sheri Kalina Jungman
Talent Acquisition Team Lead

Marie Hartke
Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant

Kevin Lawless
Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant

Sean McBride

Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant

Anton Mick
Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant

Elby Potter
Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant

Ann Shimamoto
Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant

Ryan Untisz
​Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant



Loan La
Principal Human Resources Consultant

Compensation policy interpretation and application, additional remuneration for faculty, security access for HRMS, and separation leave payouts.


Laurie Barnes
Principal Compensation Consultant​


Compensation analysis and consulting services.  Additional pay requests for classified and university staff positions. Provides back-up and assistance as needed in the following areas:  additional pay approvals for faculty, leave payouts, HCM appointment set-up and compensation. 


 Employee Relations & Performance

The Employee Relations and Performance team offers consulting services, advice, support and referrals to employees, supervisors, and managers who have questions or need assistance with the following:
  • Policy and rule interpretation and application
  • Performance management
  • Education and development
  • Management and Organizational Consulting
  • Communication efforts
  • Managing Family Medical Leave and Parental Leave
  • Classified staff grievances
  • Progressive discipline including corrective actions and disciplinary actions for classified staff
  • At-will terminations
  • Unemployment hearings
Supervisors should contact an Employee Performance and Development consultant prior to beginning the progressive discipline process, responding to a classified staff grievance or when considering termination of an at-will employee.


​Doug Kasyon
Director of Employee Relations and Performance
Review and approval of all at-will terminations (Exempt Professional and Faculty including PRAs)

Richard Benson
Principal Human Resources Consultant
Employee Recognition

Melissa Flippin
Sr. Human Resources Consultant
Unemployment hearings, FML and all leave-related matters

​​​​Brad Mathers
Principal Human Resources Consultant
Performance management​

Lydia Ombogo
Sr. Human Resources Consultant
Michele Padilla
SR. Human Resources Consultant


 Human Resources Operations

The Human Resources Operations team offers consulting services, advice, support and referrals to employees, supervisors, and managers who have questions or need assistance with the following:
  • Faculty job postings
  • Temporary job postings and hires 
  • University Staff position requests/approval in HCM
  • I-9 and E-Verify compliance
  • Background checks and compliance
  • Staff working retirees
  • Personnel matters reports
  • Personnel file review/transfer
  • Legal records requests
  • Updating and maintaining the Human Resources website
  • Award program review and approval
  • Staff recognition
Kaylene McCrum
Director of Human Resources, Operations
HR operations, faculty phased retirements, award and recognition program review and approvals

Marissa Blackwood
Human Resources Consultant
Background Checks:

Judy Cooper
Human Resources Assistant
Personnel file maintenance
Employment verifications:

Emily Gavel
Human Resources Consultant
303-315-2733 ​
Hiring processes for University staff/Exempt:
2nd Level Budget Approval Request:

Roo Khan
Human Resources Consultant
Domestic and International I-9's:​
Ben Patient
Human Resources Consultant
Hiring processes for Faculty:
Hiring processes for PRA:​

Anitha Sakthivel
Human Resources Consultant
Hiring Working Retiree Staff:​
9 month Temporary postings and hires:
Personnel Matters Report: 
Honorarium Processing:

 Learning and Development

The Learning and Development Department assists with all aspects of employee development.  The following is an example of the types of courses currently offered:

  • New Employee Orientation (NEO)
  • Crucial Conversations
  • Crucial Accountability
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Extended DISC / Teambuilding
  • HR Related topics such as Managing Classified Staff, Performance Management, Goal Setting, and Working with Employee Health Conditions

In addition, we work with individual teams on customizing courses to specific needs.

Click here for more information on the courses currently offered.


​Debbie Lammers
Director, Learning and Development


Kaitlin Norris
Training Coordinator, Learning and Development
​New Employee Orientation, other trainings:​