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University of Colorado Denver Facilities Management

Facilities Projects

Construction Notices


 Current Construction Notices

823086 - CU Denver Wellness Center Oral Interview Results15_0701 AE Completed Posting EvaluationNew
15-105768 - Dental School Faculty Practice and Dispensary RenovationDental School Faculty Practice and Dispensary Renovation
15-105768 - Dental School Office Space RemodelDental Office Space Remodel Award Notification
860323 - Ed1 5th Floor Create More Gross Anatomy Space AwardEd1 5th Floor Gross Anatomy Space
15-126267 - Pharmacy Rooms 2241, 2250B and 2261 AwardPharmacy Rooms 2241 2250B 2261 Modifications Award
15-126267 - Pharmacy Rooms 2241, 2250B and 2261 Bid Tab Sheet15-126267 State Bid Tab Sheet sbp-6132
15-104286 LSC Replace Main Entry Doors Carry Forward 2014_15 AwardLSC Replace Main Entry Doors Award
830240 - R1 North Autoclave Replacement AwardR1 North Autoclave Replacement Award Notification
808120 - LSC 14th Floor Subdivide Offices and Enclose Offices AwardLSC 14th Floor Subdivide Office Award
15-123397 - 1800 Grant 5th Floor Add 3 to 4 Offices for PSC Award1800 Grant Street 5th Floor Award
15-101206 - FRA Bioscience Park CSI Renovation AwardFRA Bioscience CSI Award
863243 - Red Cross Abatement and Demolition Award NotificationRed Cross Award Notification
Montview Closures 6-25-14Montview Closures_6-25-14
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