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Web Conferencing

Technology Support Services

Technology Support Services provides support for Adobe® Connect™ web-conferencing software on the Anschutz Medical Campus. This webconferencing technology allows for program distribution to multiple users at their desktops using high speed internet connectivity.

Adobe® Connect empowers non-technical subject matter experts to easily create effective, engaging communications that include voice, video, animations, chat and polling, using nothing more complicated than Microsoft PowerPoint.

Please refer to the following terminology and chart to determine the technology that best meets your event needs:

Web Conference or Webinar – Web conferencing/Webinar is ‘short for Web-based seminar. A key feature of a Webinar is its interactive elements-the ability to give, receive and discuss information’.  ESS offers web conferencing services through the use of Adobe Connect.  *Two-way audio and video interaction can occur by allowing participants to utilize their computer cameras and microphones.

Webcast – Webcast refers to a web-based broadcast where ‘data transmission is one-way and does not allow interaction between the presenter and the audience’.  TSS offers the ability to webcast presentations by utilizing our RSS (Recording Streaming Solution) technology.  We can web stream and record events by using this technology.

Video Conferencing – Video conferencing allows two or more locations to communicate by simultaneous two-way video and audio transmissions. Interaction between all parties generally necessitates that each party have a videoconferencing unit consisting of a video camera, microphone(s) and speakers.  TSS offers video conferencing services primarily thru the use of dedicated systems. This service is not for use in combination with Skype, WebEx, GoToMeeting, etc..

Audio Conferencing - Audio conferencing is a telephone call in which several people in different locations are connected by a telecommunications system and equipment. TSS can arrange to provide an audio conferencing phone number for multiple meeting participants to dial in to from their respective telephones. You can also request an audio recording of the meeting. TSS also provides the setup and rental of Polycom audio conferencing phones.


or Webinar
Webcast Video
TSS Service offered Adobe Connect Polycom RSS Polycom Polycom
One-way audio

​Two-way audio
  • ​*
​One-way video
​Two-way video
  • ​*
​Ability to record
​   Record Flash format
​   Record Window Media  Video (.wmv)
​   Record mp4 Video
​   Recording mp3 audio
​Record to disc (CD)
​Video Streaming

To request Web Conferencing Services:

You will need to request an account, if you do not already have one, then login and select "Web Conferencing - Adobe Connect" under the Request Resources menu to submit your Connect Meeting reservation request.   Note this submission does not automatically guarantee your reservation.  You will receive a confirmation via email.


TSS Connect System login:

Once you have established an account on the request form, submitted your request and received a web conferencing meeting confirmation, you can login to your meeting using the ESS connect system:


For assistance, contact: 

April Armstrong


Ed II North building, 5th Floor




Webconferencing Fees

University Affiliates

Non-University Affiliates

Adobe Webconference Setup

 $               25.00

 $                         50.00

Adobe Participant Fee

 $                  1.00

 $                           5.00

Adobe Technical Assistance per hour

 $               45.00

 $                         45.00

Adobe Technical Assistance per hour(non-business hours)

 $               65.00

 $                         65.00

Rental of Webcam  - per day

 $               15.00

 $                         15.00

Rental of Polycom Communicator (Microphone)

 $               15.00

 $                         15.00

Adobe Meeting Recording to Server- per month per 1 hour recording

 $               12.00

 $                         15.00

Conversion of Adobe Recording to CD

 $               16.00

 $                         16.00

While we would like to minimize the number of rules governing the use of Connect at the university, certain issues must be addressed. Our license only supports 90 users. We must, therefore, ensure that one meeting does not exceed the number of licenses requested, which could prevent legitimate participants from accessing another scheduled meeting. Proper adherence to the following rules and procedures will prevent this from occurring.

Meeting Procedure

An outline of the meeting process includes the following steps:

I. Request

I. Initiating a meeting Request and confirmation
       Meeting requests are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • All meeting requests must be submitted using the TSS Online Connect Meeting Request Form.
  1. To request recurring conferences with identical arrangements except for dates and presenters, please identify the additional dates and presenters in the “notes” field on the request form
  2. Recurring conferences for meetings with a different number of users should be requested by filling out separate requests for each meeting.
  • Meeting requests will be processed within two working days of the request submission (or sooner).
  • Partially completed requests will not be processed until completed information is submitted.
II. Confirmation
    A confirmation or rejection message will be e-mailed to the person who requested the meeting as soon as it is processed.
  • Once your meeting has been scheduled, please contact April J. Armstrong at (303) 724-7714 if there are any changes.
  • Detailed instructions and additional contact information will be sent with the confirmation.
  • The following rates apply for “non-course” web conferences for the Anschutz Medical Campus Conferencing Network Members:
  1. A $25 setup fee for each meeting. If multiple meetings are scheduled on several dates, this fee will be applied for each date.
  2. A $1 charge for each requested participant (including hosts and presenters).
  3. Technical assistance and consulting is available at a flat rate of $40/hr.
    • Technical assistance is limited to Connect training and support.
    • Technical assistance is also available if you would like to have a specialist standing by to assist while your meeting takes place, but this may not always be available due to staffing limitations.
    • We can show you how to present videos, sounds and animations in Connect.
  4. To discourage improper use of the system, additional participants (above the number identified in the initial request) must be approved by the TSS division before they can join a meeting. These will be added at the usual $1 per user rate. Each unapproved additional participant will result in a charge of $20 per user. If the addition of unapproved users prevents access by participants in another concurrent meeting, your meeting will be immediately terminated.
  5. The following rates apply for non-affiliate, ad hoc users:
    • A $50 setup fee for each meeting. If multiple meetings are scheduled on several dates, this fee will be applied for each date.
    • A $5/hour charge for each requested participant (including hosts and presenters).
    • Technical assistance and consulting is available at a flat rate of $40/hr.
III. Preparation
  • Presenters and Hosts are encouraged to login and upload their presentations ahead of time, and practice their presentation. This greatly improves the probability of a professional quality presentation/meeting.
  • Some formats do not present in Connect without modifications (including PowerPoint presentations with imbedded video or sound);  they are converted to flash (.flv) files once uploaded into Adobe Connect. 
  • Send an e-mail to all of your participants, with a link to the meeting. Don’t forget the time and date. Note: We cannot guarantee audio and video quality on dial-up lines, especially for two-way communications. A DSL or faster internet connection is highly recommended.
  • If hosts or presenters would like additional training, it is available at the standard support rate ($40/hr).
IV. Execution

Before the meeting:

  1. Open the meeting to participants 15 - 30 minutes prior to the start time by de-selecting “place participants on hold” from the “meeting” menu. This time has been accommodated in the setup time.
  2. You may wish to display a slide with the title of your conference or presentation and indicated that ” The meeting will start shortly”.
  3. Please remember that your conference is scheduled for a limited time frame and no accommodations can be made to extend the time once the meeting has started. If you need flexibility at the end of the conference, please consider that when requesting your conference start and stop times.

During the meeting

  1. If you would like to record a meeting for future archive or playback, choose the “record meeting” button from the “meeting” menu.
  2. Use the pointer button to make the mouse pointer visible to the participants.
  3. For large meetings, consider using an assistant presenter to handle questions via chat.
  4. Use the whiteboard overlay button to make annotations on your presentation.

At the end of the meeting

  • At the end of the meeting, close the meeting by selecting the meeting tab and “end meeting”. The meeting will end at the scheduled time. There is no way to extend the meeting once the conference has begun.
V. Recording and Saving Meetings
  • If you would like to record a meeting for future playback, choose the “record meeting” button from the “meeting” menu at the beginning of your conference. Make sure you stop the recording by deselecting “record meeting” at the end of the meeting.
  • All recorded meetings will be deleted on the last day of each month unless you have requested that your conference be archived or converted to DVD. If you wish to record and store your conference, you will need to indicate accordingly on the request form or contact ESS before the last day of the month that your conference was recorded, to arrange for future access.
  • Storing of recorded meetings (non-course) will be charged at $ 12 per hour. They can be maintained on the server for $ 12/hour per month.
  • If you would like an archived copy (DVD) of the meeting, the cost for this service is $25 for the first copy, and $5 for each additional copy.

II. Confirmation
III. Preparation
IV. Execution
V. Storage and Archiving of meetings




To ensure successful Connect Web-conferencing meetings/classes, it will be important to familiarize yourselves with the Connect product and capabilities prior to your conference.

Please review the identified links to learn how to use Connect.


Adobe Presenter Tutorials


What is Connect?
How do I request a Connect meeting?
Who should I call if this FAQ does not answer my question?
What kind of webcam(s) and/or microphone(s) is/are recommended?
What should I do if I have jerky video?
What should I do if my audio is breaking up?
How can I turn up the volume?
Where can I access Connect?
Do I need to do anything special to access Connect from off-campus?
I accidentally got rid of the pod with my PowerPoint presentation. How do I get it back?
Connect can't access my camera. What should I do?
My sound isn't working. What should I do?
What do I need to do so participants can see my mouse pointer?
What should I do if I am experiencing audio feedback (echo)?
What should I do if my meeting runs over the allotted time?
Can I login early and practice?
Can I show video clips

This checklist identifies the information you will need to schedule a Connect Web-conference:

  • Requester’s name and contact information
  • Name of the Conference
  • Speedtype/Course Number
  • Date, start and stop time of the conference (Be sure to add enough time for Q&A or runover if necessary – as this is not built into the conference time.)
  • Location of the Conference
  • Do you need equipment provided (laptop, webcam, microphone – rental charges apply. See policies and procedures.)?
  • Do you need technical assistance?
  • Number of participants (network connections). You may have multiple participants attending in the same room using only one connection.
  • Do you need your conference recorded on the server? If yes, how long do you wish to maintain it on the server?
  • Do you need a list of attendees sent to the Anschutz Medical Campus Continuing Medical Education?
  • Full name of the Conference Host and his/her email address
  • Full name of any presenters and their email address(es)
  • Do you require technical assistance (preparation, setup or staffing)?


To request Web Conferencing Services:

TSS Connect Request Form


You will need to complete this form and submit it to book your Connect Meeting reservation.   Note this submission does not automatically guarantee your reservation.  You will receive a confirmation via email.

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