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Educational Support Services

Educational Support Services - University of Colorado Denver

Videoconferencing and Distributed Education

Technology Support Services

Polycom videoconference


Videoconferencing and Distributed Education

The university Technology Support Services (TSS) team provides video conferencing bridging and support services for the CU Anschutz Medical Campus and the CU Denver Campus. In addition, we provide videoconferencing services to all of the University of Colorado campuses, as well as to numerous affiliate hospitals including the Denver Children’s Hospital, Denver Health Medical Center, the Veterans Administration Medical Center, and National Jewish Medical and Research Center.

These conferencing services support interactive communications and distribution of degree granting educational programs, continuing medical education programs such as grand rounds and clinical training sessions for our medical residents who rotate through our affiliated hospitals and to other sites both national and international, research seminars, and clinical consultations for patients in the more rural areas of Colorado. 

Additionally, the videoconferencing network supports connectivity to other research institutions and to other health care institutions around the state in support of our research and clinical missions.

We currently have about 300 rooms set up for video conferencing at CU Anschutz. There are also several rooms equipped for video conferencing at CU Denver.

In those rooms, the campus averages between 18 and 20 conferences a day.

TSS uses videoconferencing connections for point-to-point and multipoint conferences to distribute educational programs between campuses, to the Colorado AHEC sites and to other universities and community colleges throughout the state. We also utilize the Zoom web/video conferencing platform to distribure courses to a limited number of individual students in rural areas.


Please refer to the following terminology and chart to determine the technology that best meets your event needs:

Web Conference or Webinar – Web conferencing/Webinar is ‘short for Web-based seminar. A key feature of a Webinar is its interactive elements-the ability to give, receive and discuss information’.  TSS offers web conferencing services through the use of Zoom and Adobe Connect.  *Two-way audio and video interaction can occur by allowing participants to utilize their computer cameras and microphones.

Webcast – Webcast refers to a web-based broadcast where ‘data transmission is one-way and does not allow interaction between the presenter and the audience’.  TSS offers the ability to webcast presentations by utilizing our RSS (Recording Streaming Solution) technology.  We can web stream and record events by using this technology.

Video Conferencing – Video conferencing allows two or more locations to communicate by simultaneous two-way video and audio transmissions. Interaction between all parties generally necessitates that each party have a videoconferencing unit consisting of a video camera, microphone(s) and speakers.  TSS offers video conferencing services primarily thru the use of dedicated systems. This service is not for use in combination with Skype, WebEx, GoToMeeting, etc..

Audio Conferencing - Audio conferencing is a telephone call in which several people in different locations are connected by a telecommunications system and equipment. TSS can arrange to provide an audio conferencing phone number for multiple meeting participants to dial in to from their respective telephones. You can also request an audio recording of the meeting. TSS also provides the setup and rental of Polycom audio conferencing phones.

or Webinar
Webcast Video
TSS Service offered Zoom or
Adobe Connect
Polycom RSS CISCO andPolycom Polycom
One-way audio

​Two-way audio
  • ​*
​One-way video
​Two-way video
  • ​*
​Ability to record
​   Record Flash format
​   Record Window Media  Video (.wmv)
​   Record mp4 Video
​   Recording mp3 audio
​Record to disc (CD)
​Video Streaming

Our video streaming solutions (RSS) allow for a one-way broadcast to any location that has a computer with Windows Media Player installed (version 10 or higher is recommended). The stream can be recorded at the same time and stored on a server or archived on a DVD. Videoconferences can also be recorded to a DVD or CD and/or stored on a server (RSS) and utilized at a later date. 

To request Videoconferencing Services:

You will need to request an account, if you do not already have one.
Once your account is approved, then login and select "Videoconferencing/Recording/Streaming" option under the Request Resources menu to submit your video conference reservation request.  
Please note this submission does not automatically guarantee your reservation.  You will receive a confirmation via email.

For questions or technical support, please call the Video Conferencing  Help Desk at 
(303) 724-8121.


Contact us

For more information about scheduling a videoconference, streaming and recording services, potential connection sites and applicable rates, please refer to the contact information below:

Paul Herndon, (303) 724-7713

Duane Viedt, (303) 724-8111

For questions about videoconferencing fees, contact:

Jozianne Mestas, (303) 724-7718


Betty Charles, (303) 724-1558


Videoconferencing Fees

 University Affiliates

Ed.Core Course

 Non-University Affiliate 

Videoconference Port Charge per hour (per site)

 $ 32.00


 $  52.00

Videoconference Technical Support (per hour)

 $ 45.00


 $  45.00

Videoconference Tech Support after hours (per hour)

 $ 65.00

$ 65.00

 $ 65.00

Audioconference  Connection  Only  (per hour)

 $ 15.00


 $ 15.00

RSS Access Stream Fee (1-10) (per hour/per stream)

 $ 5.00


 $  7.00

RSS Access Stream Fee (11-50) (per hour/per stream)

 $ 3.00


 $   5.00

RSS Archive per month- (per hour)

 $ 15.00


 $  20.00

Conversion from RSS Recording to CD

 $ 16.00



Conversion form CD to RSS (WMP) Server

 $ 90.00


 $ 90.00


To request Videoconferencing Services:


You will need to request an account if you do not have one.

Once your account is approved, you can login to request video conferencing services.

 For questions or technical support, please call the Video Conferencing  Help Desk at (303) 724-8121.
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