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SWAE and Related Policies


ATEL and AIS&D staff work diligently to ensure SWAE complies with all appropriate UCD and CU System policies.  Servers and URLs hosted on SWAE are regularly scanned internally and by ITS using a variety of automated and manual techniques.  It is the professional responsibility of all who use or support SWAE to understand and adhere to all applicable IT policies.  This includes: AIS&D system administrators and support personnel; department heads who employ internal or external developer resources; those individuals doing code development; and any others involved in the development or support of SWAE applications.  Those policies and documents listed on the right should be considered essential reading; however, many others may be applicable based on the type of application being developed or hosted.  As a result, the policies on the right should not be considered comprehensive. Policies, Regulations, etc.

SWAE Use Statement

University Web Related Policies:

UCD Web Server Administration Policy 

UCD Web Publishing Policy

UCD Web Identity Standards Guide

UCD URL Management Practices

IT Security Program Policy

CU System Privacy Statement 



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