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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get started?
Ready to get started? Great! Just fill out the Get New Site form and we'll begin the process of provisioning your new SWAE site.

Before moving on, you'll need to ensure you have a) applied for, and received, an exemption from the campus CMS system, and b) read the SWAE Use Statement and are prepared to ensure your university unit or department is prepared to adhere to the conditions within.
What kind of web content can I publish here?
You can publish any content which is part of your UCD CMS exempted web application as long as it complies with all UCD policies.  This can include any official university use including grant funded data collection.  See our policies section for more information.
How will I manage file permissions on my web?
When submitting your request for a new web site, you will be asked for a unit/departmental AD group. This group will be added to the root of your new site with full control permissions. Members of this group will then be able to make permissions changes to the folders and files created as site build out progresses. Assistance with permissions can be provided on a fee for service basis if needed.
What programming languages/technologies do you support?
Currently SWAE supports ASP, ASP.NET, MS SQL2008 and PHP.
Why do I need an exemption?
Maintaining a common web identity is a primary goal of the university leadership.  Ensuring all content is housed in a centrally managed system makes updating branding and maintain designs as efficient an undertaking as possible.  All CMSs have limitations.  If your web application can not be reasonably built in the campus CMS, or, under special circumstances, you may be able to get an exemption.  Exemption requests are evaluated by the university's Web Administrative Team and are typically handled in 10 business days.
Who do I contact if I need help?
Technical support is provided by office of Academic Technology and Extended Learning (ATEL) staff during normal UCD and AMC business hours.  Complementary support is provided for all system and basic web configuration troubleshooting.  Coding, design or other types of support can be provided on a fee for service basis.
If I want to use this, what are my responsibilities?
All users of SWAE are responsible for knowing and abiding by the SWAE Use Statement.  
What client development software is supported? 
As in any web application development environment, it is considered the professional developer's responsibility to research and select client software that will work with their skill sets and a Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server environment.  ATEL doesn't recommend specific client tools.  While not always possible in all situations, users are advised to select current Microsoft development products to ensure the best chance of full compatibility with the SWAE environment.  There are several free examples found on the Microsoft Express site.
Are FrontPage Server Extensions Supported?
University of Colorado Denver Information Technology Services has recommended that FrontPage extensions not be supported due to security concerns.
Where can I get coding/programming support?
Coding or programming support for PHP, ASP and ASP.NET applications can be provided on a fee for service basis on a best effort and availability basis.  Please contact us for more information. 
How do I connect to my Access or other file-based data?
For security reasons, file-based databases are not supported.  For data collection and programming needs, MS SQL 2008 is supported on request as part of the standard SWAE site.  Storage and initial setup fees apply.
How does billing work and why do you need a Speed Type? 
Site billing is charged on an annual basis to a single speed type per SWAE site.  The balance of the current fiscal year will be charged when the site is commissioned along with the setup fee. The full fiscal year charge is applied at the beginning of the next fiscal year.  Space follows the same model.  When additional space is purchased over the first included gig, it too will be billed for the balance of the current fiscal year.  When cancellation/removal of a site is required the balance of the fiscal year will be refunded starting with the next billing month after the site is removed. 
Can I host multiple applications on my SWAE site?
Sure!  It is your canvas to create the web applications you need to support your business unit.  Keep in mind that billing will only be applied to one speed type per SWAE site and permissions configurations on a folder by folder basis are the responsibility of the units and the primary technical contact.  Additional support can be provided on a fee for service basis if necessary.
Can I connect more than one database to my site?
Yes. Simply request additional databases as needed. Storage and setup fees will apply. There are currently no monthly fees associated with additional databases on our shared database environment.
Can I get a domain for my SWAE site other than
University URL policy does not permit the use of domains other than
Where are my web logs?
SWAE users will have direct access to their web logs and database files in their file system.
What web analytics are provided?
Web analytics are not specifically provided, however, full access to the raw web logs is part of the standard configuration.  There are many free or low cost options for web log analysis.
How do I FTP to my site?
FTP is no longer supported.  Access to the SWAE root for your environment is provided via file shares.  Access to your file share from outside the university network requires a VPN connection.
What do I do if my web needs SSL?
No problem, just indicate that on your request form and we'll do the rest.
Can I get console access to the servers?
Console access, or remote connection (RDP), access will not be provided due to the shared nature of the environment.  System level configurations will be handled by ATEL staff.
How do I cancel my SWAE site?
Browse to the SWAE Site Cancellation Form and submit the form. Once the form is received, we will zip up your content and send it to you. Then it will be removed from our servers. When cancellation/removal of a site is required the balance of the fiscal year will be refunded starting with the next billing month after the site is removed.

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