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Approved Centers and Institutes

Altitude Research Center 
If you think you experience health issues that might be related to altitude hypoxia, a specialized consultation at the ARC’s altitude medicine clinic could be helpful.
Alzheimer’s Disease Research and Clinical Center
The Alzheimer’s Disease Research and Clinical Center is dedicated to the conquest of this devastating disease through research and patient care. Research, with a special emphasis on the relationship with Down syndrome, includes both basic and clinical investigations. Patient care, including clinical trials, takes place through the Memory and Dementia Clinic at the University of Colorado Hospital.
Anschutz Health and Wellness Center
Opening in the spring of 2012, the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center is anchored by a new 94,000-square-foot building.  Its mission is to empower individuals, communities and organizations to make sustainable changes to achieve healthier lifestyles
Assistive Technology Partners
Assistive Technology Partners helps persons with cognitive, sensory, and/or physical disabilities  reach their highest potential through the addition of appropriate assistive technologies to their lives.
Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes
The Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes (BDC) is one of the largest diabetes programs specializing in type 1 diabetes research and care (both for children and adults) in the world.
Bonfils Blood Center
Bonfils Blood Center operates six community donor centers and offers a variety of services to better meet the needs of the community, including the Colorado Marrow Donor Program.
Buechner Institute for Governance
The Buechner Institute is a gathering of the best and brightest in many facets of public policy and public affairs.
Center for Advancing Professional Excellence (CAPE)
CAPE is a full service assessment and education center specializing in the use of standardized patients, teaching associates, and simulators. This center helps insure that the public is getting the highest quality, most competent, and compassionate physician and health care professional as their partner in achieving their greatest health.
Center for Applied Science and Mathematics for Innovation and Competitiveness (CASMIC)
The Center for Applied Science and Mathematics for Innovation and Competitiveness (CASMIC) is designed to promote partnerships between the University of Colorado Denver, school districts, other institutions of higher education, and the business sector.
Center for Bioethics and Humanities
The Center for Bioethics and Humanities at the University of Colorado Denver engages today’s and tomorrow’s health professionals and the community in substantive, interdisciplinary dialogue about the ethical issues surrounding contemporary healthcare.
Center for Computational Mathematics
The Center for Computational Mathematics was established to foster research in one of the discipline's most exciting new field. With extensive ties with industry along the Front Range and government laboratories across the country, the Center provides outstanding opportunities for motivated students to receive additional training and experience. For more information, contact Jan Mandel at (303) 556-4475.
Center for Dependency, Addiction and Rehabilitation (CeDAR)
The Center for Dependency, Addiction and Rehabilitation (CeDAR) is a residential addiction and co-occurring disorder treatment facility.
Center for Education Policy Analysis (CEPA)
The Center for Education Policy Analysis (CEPA) works to improve public education by serving as a resource for education decision-makers.  We work with schools, districts, state and federal agencies, and other universities and nonprofits to provide cutting-edge research and analysis on the pressing issues facing public education.
Center for Evidence Based Practices in Early Learning (CEBPEL)
Our goal is to research, promote and evaluate early childhood programs, policies and systems that enhance the development of young children with special needs, their families, and the personnel who serve them.
Center for Gait and Movement Analysis
The Center for Gait and Movement Analysis (CGMA) is dedicated to studying human movement in children and adults and applying this knowledge to prescribe and evaluate mobility related interventions.
Center for Genes, Environment & Health
The Center for Genes, Environment & Health (CGEH) is an interdisciplinary program dedicated to understanding the genetics of complex lung and immune-related conditions.
Center for Geotechnical Engineering Science
The Center for Geotechnical Engineering Science advances the understanding of the safety, reliability, performance, and environmental impact of engineered geostructures. The Center also examines geostructural stability, rock engineering, geoenvironmental engineering, and expansive soils. For more information, contact N.Y. Chang at (303) 556-2871.
Center for Global Health
The Center for Global Health (CGH) at the University of Colorado Denver serves to improve health and healthcare in communities around the world, through interdisciplinary collaboration with partners in research, education and health services.
Center for Human Nutrition
As part of its mission, The Center for Human Nutrition (CHN) initiates  and conducts outreach activities designed to improve quality of life by promoting physical activity and nutritional awareness.
Center for Human Simulation
The Center for Human Simulation (CHS) is a synthesis of human anatomy and computed three-dimensional imaging. This synthesis resulted in a three-dimensional, high resolution database of human male and female anatomy (the Visible Human) as derived from direct analysis of anatomical specimens and radiological imaging. The general purpose of this Center is to facilitate the collaboration of anatomists, radiologists, computer scientists, engineers, physicians and educators to promote the application of this and other anatomical data to basic and clinical research, clinical practice and teaching.
Center for Information Technology Innovation (CITI)
The Center for Information Technology Innovation (CITI) is part of the Business School at UC Denver and includes prominent Colorado businesses as corporate sponsors and members. CITI matches the resources of the university with those of its member companies to provide a forum where innovative solutions to current issues and challenges can be explored and implemented. Its mission is to help organizations take full advantage of IT opportunities through programs of excellence in information interchange, education and research, and through collaborative initiatives. It also serves as a resource for Business School faculty and students.
Center for Innovations in Training Technology (CITT)
CITT is a multimedia instructional design studio specializing in web sites, custom web applications, and online courses. Our clients include universities, corporations, research centers, state governments, and other nonprofit agencies.
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Center for Local Government Research and Training
The mission of the Center for Local Government Research and Training is to support and enhance the governance of Colorado's cities, counties and special districts.  We pursue this mission through three interrelated activities: Research, Public Service and Professional Development - which we seek to pursue in partnership with other organizations that are striving to enhance the governance of Colorado's localities.
Center for New Directions in Politics and Public Policy
The Center for New Directions in Politics and Public Policy at the University of Colorado Denver offers a Master’s Degree in Political Science with an emphasis in politics and public policy, and an undergraduate concentration in public policy within the BA in political science program. The Center's programs are based on the notion that effectively addressing the public priorities of the 21st century requires that those working on matters of public interest possess a keen understanding of the political forces that guide or thwart the successful mobilization of resources and the achievement of constituent goals consistent with the public interest.
Center for Nursing Research
The Center provides design and analysis consultation, research and data analysis training, and centralized resources such as a reference library and computers with research software.
Center for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
The vision of the Center is to partner with pharmaceutical biotechnology companies to form a unique program emphasizing multi-disciplinary scientific education as well as training in non-scientific disciplines critical to the success of this industry: regulatory affairs, health care policy, technology transfer, finance, and marketing.
Center for Public Health Practice
The Center for Public Health Practice at the Colorado School of Public Health develops training and programs to improve the effectiveness of public health workers, agencies, and programs.
Center for Public/Private Sector Cooperation (CPPC)
Since 1982, the Center for Public-Private Sector Cooperation (CPPSC) has worked with foundations, communities, and non-profit organizations to help them solve complex issues that impact the public, private and non-profit sectors. CPPSC’s specific mission within the Buechner Institute is to enhance the capacity of diverse communities and public, private, and non-profit organizations to solve problems and meet the challenges of change.
Center for Schizophrenia Research
One of only a few such centers in the country, The Schizophrenia Center consists of clinicians who both see patients and conduct behavioral and cognitive research.
Center for Surgical Innovation (CSI)
The Center for Surgical Innovation (CSI) is a multidisciplinary surgical training center dedicated to promoting educational courses and development of leading edge surgical techniques and technologies. 
Center for Surgical Treatment of Lung Infections 
This center sees patients with complex and challenging lung infections for whom surgery is the best option for controlling and even curing the disease.
Center for Sustainable Infrastructure Systems
The mission of CSIS is the design, analysis, and rapid diffusion of sustainable urban infrastructures of the future by integrating technologies with social actors, i.e., the general public, businesses and policy actors.
Center for Transforming Learning and Teaching (CTLT)
The Center for Transforming Learning and Teaching (CTLT) was established as an initiative within the School of Education & Human Development at UC Denver in 2003. Today, the Center works with educators across the US to catalyze and co-create the transformation of learning environments through the use of assessment so that all are engaged in learning and empowered to positively contribute in a global society.
Center for Translational Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacogenomics
The center is a collaborative group of pharmacokinetics and pharmacogenomics experts with the scientific and technical expertise, knowledge, and physical resources to conduct high-level translational research in these fields.
Center for Women’s Health Research
The Center for Women’s Health Research offers women useful information about their health, focusing on cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
Center of Preservation Research (CoPR)
CoPR focuses on understanding people, places and traditions by identifying, studying and preserving built and natural environments.
Center on Aging
The Center on Aging provides clinical care and community outreach for aging patients.
Center on Domestic Violence
The goal of the Center on Domestic Violence is, ultimately, to end violence in the lives of women and children.
Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE-Denver)
The Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE), part of the Buechner Institute for Governance, works to improve public schools by measuring them against the goal of educating all children well, and the premise that current institutions often fail to meet this goal.
Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (CSEFEL)
The Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (CSEFEL) is intended to promote the social emotional outcomes and enhance the school readiness of low-income children birth to age 5, and to serve as a national resource center for disseminating research and evidence-based practices to Head Start and Child Care programs across the country.
Centers for American Indian & Alaska Native Health
This mission for the Centers for American Indian and Alaska Native Health (CAIANH) is to promote the health and well-being of American Indians and Alaska Natives, of all ages, by pursuing research, training, continuing education, technical assistance, and information dissemination within a biopsychosocial framework that recognizes the unique cultural contexts of this special population.
Charles C. Gates Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Biology Center
This center offers information about stem cells and regenerative medicine. 
Colorado Area Health Education Center Systems
The mission of the Colorado AHEC System is to improve the quality and accessibility of education for health care professionals in Colorado in order to enhance the delivery of health care services throughout the state, with special emphasis on frontier, rural, and urban communities and minority populations.
Colorado Biostatistics Consortium
The CBC provides biostatistical expertise for centers, programs, departments, and individual investigators to facilitate the design of studies, data acquisition protocols, data analysis, and the preparation of grants and manuscripts.
Colorado Center for Community Development (CCCD)
The Colorado Center for Community Development assists organizations, communities, and neighborhoods which cannot afford or do not have access to such technical or educational assistance. The efforts of the Center are focused primarily on rural towns, low-income communities, and development organizations.
Colorado Center for Public Humanities
CCPH takes as its core belief that the broad mission of the humanities disciplines (English, History, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Art History, Musicology) is to enrich public discussions about art, ideas, the historical past, and the diverse cultures of the world.
Colorado Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CCTSI)
The Colorado Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CCTSI) provides research resources, clinical research facilities, education and training, and funding opportunies to faculty, trainees and students at UC Denver, CU Boulder and our affiliates. Working closely with the biomedical research community, the private sector, and the communities of Colorado, CCTSI programs support bench-to-bedside translational research, clinical research and trials, and community-engaged and population-based research.
Colorado Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Research Center
The IDDRC is a multidisciplinary center devoted to the prevention, diagnosis, cure and amelioration of intellectual and developmental disabilities including, among others, Down syndrome, autism, and spina bifida.
Colorado Nutrition Obesity Research Center (Colorado NORC)
The Colorado Nutrition Obesity Research Center (funded by NIH/NIDDK grant P30 DK048520) has had an important impact with the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus by successfully fostering collaboration among members of its research base, promoting interdisciplinary research and fostering development of young investigators.
Colorado Prevention Center
CPC is dedicated to improving health through clinical research and integrating scientific evidence into community prevention programs.
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