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Procurement and Travel


This page contains helpful links and resources that pertain to procurement and travel. We hope that you find this helpful as a starting point for any questions you may have. If you cannot find the answers you were looking for, visit the Procurement Services' page​.

For specific questions or clarification for departments, please contact​



The University uses procurement cards issued by US Bank. Cardholders are required to take online training, follow purchasing rules and adhere to the procurement card handbook. The cardholder is ultimately responsible for following the rules and this includes ensuring all appropriate documentation is maintained.

Procurement card transactions are processed in the Concur Travel and Expense System. Cardholders or their expense delegates prepare reports monthly to identify an expense type, business purpose, and allocate those transactions to the Finance system. 

Cardholders must certify and submit their own reports. An Approving Official (AO) is assigned to each cardholder. AOs are also required to take online training. AOs review transactions, request additional justification when warranted, and approve their cardholder reports.

All card holders must be familiar with prohibited transactions and sensitive expenses​.

Please note students and temporary personnel will not be approved to be authorized cardholders. 


Below you will find important procedures, rules, and resources.

  • PSC policy states $25 or less does not require a receipt, however our rule requires receipts for all purchases regardless of the dollar amount.
  • A proof of payment and a line item receipt are both required, three or more failures to present this documentation will result in a 50 point violation.
  • A tip cannot exceed 20% of actual cost of services or goods.
  • Remember we are tax exempt; our rule is if taxes are not excluded from the purchase on more than three occurrences, that will result in a 50-point violation.
  • Meals with staff/employees only are not allowed unless it is an official function; departments may have a staff appreciation meal outside of the holiday season.
  • For more information on Official Functions, review the PSC procedural statement here​.
  • It is important to remember that subordinates cannot be an approving official for their supervisor's cardholder expenses.

​​If you are looking for a specific account code, refer to the Controller's chart of accounts.​​​​​​​


The University's managed travel program is designed to meet the travel needs of all individuals who travel on official University business. Pre-approval is required prior to all trips. Approval for domestic travel is obtained within the department. Approval for international travel is processed online through the Concur Travel & Expense System (Concur).


Use Concur to book domestic travel and process expense reports within your unit. Use the University's travel management company, Christopherson Business Travel (CBT), to book international travel and group travel; you can also use CBT for domestic bookings, if desired. Please refer to your unit's approval process, to assure you obtain appropriate approvals to travel.​ Although PSC policy states $75 or less does not require a receipt, our rule requires reciepts for all purchases regardless of the dollar amount.​

For Provost direct reports please send in the following details prior to travel.

Name(s) of the individuals traveling:


Purpose of Trip: 



SpeedType being charged for the travel:

Cardholders are required to take online training, to follow purchasing rules, and adhere to the travel card handbook​. All cardholders must be familiar with prohibited transactions, sensitive expenses, and the PSC procedural statement for travel.

While in​ Travel

Travelers must remember to keep itemized receipts of all purchases if they wish to be reimbursed. If using a travel card they must provide an itemized receipt and proof of purchase for each purchase at the end of their trip.


Detailed itineraries for all trips while traveling on behalf of the university are required so that approvers can verify meals, arrivals and departures.

Review and ensure mileage is being calculated correctly here.

Reconciliation of trip expenses must occur within 90 days of the end of the trip.

-If you used your travel card, holders or delegates need to ensure all card transactions are processed on an expense report as soon as charges are available.​


Travel related resources:

·Acting as a Delegate or Travel Arranger

·Car Rental

·Card Applications & Non-Employee Forms

·Christopherson Business Travel

·Group Travel

·Mileage Rates

·Parking at DIA

·Personal/Business Travel Combined

·Travel Card Handbook

·Travel (PSC Procedural Statement)​



We are not authorized to sign contracts they must route to the Procurement Service Center and/or the Finance Office. Sometimes contracts also require legal review so please ensure to allow for ample time when routing a contract for approval. 

Please refer to the PSC contact page​ for the appropriate contact to deal with your contract.​

These various forms will help you provide the required approval and documentation for procurement and travel. 


​For any other forms related to procurement or travel refer to the Procurement services' forms page.​

Our eProcurement system, CU Marketplace, is a purchasing and payment processing system that enables online shopping, including CU-specific catalogs.

To get to the CU Marketplace: Log in to your campus portal and on the CU Resources tab, select Quick Links, CU Marketplace.

Marketplace Roles


A shopper creates shopping carts to select goods and services. They must assign the cart to a Requestor for completion. They cannot place orders directly, and can view only their orders, invoices, and requisition history. A Shopper CANNOT also be a Requestor. 


A Requestor creates shopping carts to select goods and services. They may place orders up to $10,000, and submit requisitions over $10,000 to an Approver. They do online receiving for POs. They can authorize payment for POs that are not SPOs, and can view all order, invoice and requisition history.


A receiver does online receiving for POs. They can authorize payment for POs that are not SPOs. (The ePro Approver Invoice role does SPO voucher approval, which authorizes payment for SPOs.)


An Approver approves or rejects/returns requisitions over $10,000 and Payment Vouchers in any dollar amount. Must also be designated as a Fiscal Staff Approver on relevant speedtypes. A Fiscal Approver CANNOT be a Requestor.​


Supplier Portal Information

In most cases, external suppliers must register through the CU Supplier Portal in order to be paid by CU. Departments can invite suppliers to register.


The CU Supplier Portal allows suppliers to:

  • Electronically register to become a supplier with CU.
  • Manage supplier information, such as addresses, contacts, and diversity classification.
  • View and respond to University solicitations on the CU Sourcing website.
  • View invoice status online. (This access replaces the need to contact the University for invoice status information.)

To begin a request for a new Honorarium recipient, see Requesting a New Honorarium Recipient

For a step by step procedure go here.

Helpful Links and Resources

​ ​

Reimbursements being requested must be in accordance with all applicable university policies, procedures, rules, and regulations and, in addition, must be:

·         Documented as official university business.

·        Substantiated. Receipts or other supporting documentation as required by university or other policy must be included with the reimbursement request.

·        Reimbursements requested 30 days after the expense may or may not be approved.

For more information about business expense reimbursements visit the PSC page here​.

Gift cards need notification and prior approval from Associate Vice Chancellor and Financial Manager before being purchased.

Please fill out the Gift Card Authorization form​, and email the completed, signed forms to​​​.

Official Functions

*An official function form must be signed for all official function if the total cost of the official function exceeds $500 or per person cost exceeds $85

The most common types of official functions are: ( The listed functions are the most common functions that occur in our department therefore below is a list of what to include with your itemized receipt when submitting an expense report with any of the following functions:

1)   Training functions. (Held to enhance staff knowledge or to educate employees, associates, or other individuals). Training functions should have written agendas, study materials, and be led by identified presenters

a.   Include agenda/itinerary

b.   Include list of attendees

2)     Large official function.

  a.   Include list of attendees (if under 10 people, please list indivduals names)   

b.   Include agenda/itinerary- if you do not have one or if you cannot create one moving forward, please note on the comment that there is no agenda for this event.

3)   Student functions. (Hosted for students, and directly related to student/educational development, e.g., student recognition, student recruitment, and student program development.).

*For all and any student event where food is catered or items are purchased for the event (excludes catered food for big events such as block party) please ensure to attach a student sign in sheet or a list of attendees

a.   Categorized attendees in comment section (e.g. 15 students, 2 staff and 1 faculty) or attach attendees names (e.g. sign-up sheet, rsvp list or a list of attendees names)

                                    i.  You should be able to have an approximate number of attendees specifically for food as when the food order was placed, you ordered it to accommodate a specific amount of people

b.   In the comment section, include: Date/time/location of event (event flyer will suffice as it includes the event details)

c.   Include agenda/itinerary- if you do not have one or if you cannot create one moving forward, please note on the comment that there is no agenda for this event.


If there is anything not included on this tab that you have questions about, please email:​.


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Reconciling Procurement and Concur
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Booking Travel​
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Reconciling Travel Expenses

Marketplace Resources
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