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Frequently Asked Questions

More CU in the Community campaign details

 Who can participate in this program?

Faculty, Staff, Alumni and Students of the University of Colorado Denver​


 Do I need a supervisor to approve my participation? If yes, is there an approval process?

Yes, you do need to get authorization to participate in the program. There is a participation form that can be found online or can be mailed in hard copy form to departments that do not have access to computers for submission to the Office of Outreach and Events.​


 Can I use regular work hours to participate?

You must use regular work hours to participate for a half-day of work time (4 hours). No comp time will be given for community service projects outside of regular work time. You may, however, spend personal time or take leave time should you choose to. Hours generated both via the CU in the Community campaign and through personal volunteering during the timeframe of the campaign can be reported and will be tallied.​


 Is there a specific date/timeframe for participation to be considered?

The CU in the Community campaign now runs from Dec. 11, 2017 through Mar. 30, 2018.​


 Is it my responsibility to secure coverage for when I am participating in a community service project?

When receiving authorization to participate, you will need to identify with your supervisor the best time and appropriate coverage for the time you will be gone.​


 Can I do more then one shift of community service?

Only a half-day of work time (4 hours) will be allotted for the campaign per faculty or staff member. You may, however, choose to take additional leave or participate in other community service opportunities during this time in which the time can be reported but the university will not extend additional work time over the half-day.


 What organizations/agencies will be considered/allowed?

Please visit our Community Partnership Opportunities page to see a full list of featured partnerships. You may also select to spend your time with an organization of your choice. The University of Colorado Denver asks that, should you choose an organization outside the featured partnerships, that the agency/organization selected not have a political affiliation.​​


 If I currently volunteer at an organization not listed in the featured partnership opportunities, can I choose to select an organization/agency not on the list?

You may, but we ask that the organization/agency selected not have a political affiliation.


 Do I make the arrangements to participate or will the university contact me with an opportunity?

You need to make the arrangements for your participation.​


 After I complete my community service activity, will I be required to submit a confirmation report? If yes, where can I locate the form to do so?

You are not required but will be encouraged to share information about your experience. An email will be sent to you following the date of your service. There will be a link through which you can respond. For those departments without access to a computer, you will be provided a reporting form that can be filled out and returned to the Office of University Partnerships and Student Engagement.​​


 Will there be coordinated transportation options available to get to the project locations?

You will need to provide your own transportation to the project locations.​


 If I do not have access to a computer, how can I get the approval form to participate?

A hard copy of the reporting documents may be mailed to departments that do not have access to a computer. Please contact Denver Campus Student Life and Campus Community or Mariana Ledezma to obtain.​



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