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Learning with Purpose: Quality HIP Programs for All Students

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  2015 UES Recap

Over 180 faculty, staff, students, and alumni participated in the 2015 Undergraduate Experiences Symposium, Learning With Purpose:  Quality HIP Programs For All Students on Friday, October 2, 2015 in the Student Commons Building at CU Denver. Participants worked together to discuss and envision the growth of High Impact Practices (HIPs) on campus, including developments in curriculum, pedagogy, co-curriculum, and student support to increase the quality of undergraduate learning and to further student engagement and success. Keynote presenter, Dr. George Kuh, spoke of national trends in higher education and challenged those attending to surpass current trends and apply their understandings and next steps to CU Denver’s unique culture and its students. Other presenters included Provost Roderick Nairn, AVCs Jeff Franklin, Brenda J. Allen, and Raul Cardenas, deans and department chairs from across campus, and seven undergraduates who provided examples of how they have benefited from HIPs during their college careers. Two breakout sessions focused on the next best steps for growing individual HIPs at CU Denver and for integrating HIPs into our seven schools and colleges​, thereby creating quality HIP programs for all students.  As a result of these efforts, three HIP grants​​ have been established that focus, respectively, on generating HIP-specific professional learning communities, integrating HIPs into degree programs, and fostering diversity/global learning within an academic program.​

DETAILS for the 2015 UE Symposium: Friday, October 2, 2015; 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.;   CU Denver Student Commons Bldg. 2500

The Undergraduate Experiences Symposium brings together faculty, staff, and students from across CU Denver to work collectively in a dynamic environment on curriculum, pedagogy, co-curriculum, and services to raise undergraduate learning, engagement, and success. The symposium brings in national speakers and informs us of national trends in higher education, then challenges us to adapt or surpass those in application to our unique culture and students. Provost Rod Nairn attends, as often do the deans of each school/college, and the working tables and breakout sessions generate proposals that lead to real actions that serve all undergraduates. 

The title for this year’s UE Symposium makes these points: i) High-Impact ​Practices are “learning with purpose” in action; ii) attention to the quality of HIP experiences is key to student learning and success; and, iii) HIPs work best not as isolated learning experiences but cumulatively and when integrated into intentionally designed programs. The heart of this year’s symposium is the work that faculty, staff, and students will do in morning table sessions and afternoon breakout sessions. We will inform, focus, and direct that work through George Kuh’s keynote address, a panel of students sharing their high-impact learning experiences, a panel of faculty “HIP champions” from across the campus, and guidance from George Kuh, Rod Nairn, Brenda Allen, Raul Cardenas, and Jeff Franklin. The finale of the day will be summary and response by Provost Nairn with discussion of priorities, grant opportunities, and incentives for HIP integration and program development. Plus light breakfast and a good lunch.


REGISTRATION: Please follow this link to register for the 2015 UE Symposium. Your attendance is welcomed for the full day.



2015 UES Keynote Speaker: George Kuh


George Kuh is Chancellor's Professor Emeritus of Higher Education at Indiana University Bloomington and Adjunct Professor at the University of Illinois. At Indiana, he served in multiple faculty leadership roles and was awarded the prestigious Tracy Sonneborn Award for a distinguished record of scholarship and teaching. He founded the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE). He directs two major projects, the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment and the Strategic National Arts Alumni Project, and serves on the National Leadership Council for the Association of American Colleges and Universities “Liberal Education and America's Promise” (LEAP) initiative. He has authored more than 300 publications. In addition to High Impact Practices (2008), produced as part of the LEAP initiative, his two most recent books are Student Success in College: Creating Conditions that Matter (2005, 2010) and Piecing Together the Student Success Puzzle: Research, Propositions, and Recommendations (2007). In addition, he has been a consultant to more than 350 institutions of higher education and educational agencies in the U.S. and abroad. His contributions have been recognized with awards from the American College Personnel Association, American Educational Research Association, Association for Institutional Research, Association for the Study of Higher Education, Council for Adult and Experiential Learning, Council of Independent Colleges, National Association of Student Personnel Administrators, the National Center on Public Policy in Higher Education, and six honorary degrees, among other honors. 

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