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Financial Aid & Scholarships Office

Scholarship Resources Office, University of Colorado Denver

Scholarship Mentoring Programs

University of Colorado Denver

The Financial Aid and Scholarships Office provides mentoring services to the following scholarship recipients:

Denver Bound Scholarship – Out of state students selected based upon high academic merit and outstanding extracurricular activities.

Reisher Family Scholars – Enable promising students from Colorado, who do not have sufficient financial resources, to pursue post-secondary education.

Daniels Fund Scholarship - Awarded in the spring to graduating high school seniors and are supplemental after other federal, state, institutional, and private financial aid and scholarships. 


Julie Enzor provides mentoring for students in these programs.

Mentoring consists of assisting and advocating for the student in all areas as requested by the student.

In order to provide the best possible service for each student the following are examples of student requirements:

  • Renewal Contracts
  • Semester Meetings
  • Mid-term Grade Reports
  • Graduation Plans

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