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Financial Aid & Scholarships Office

Scholarship Resources Office, University of Colorado Denver
Reisher Scholarship Application

Calendar and Events

  • April 4th: Brain Cancer Awareness 5K Run
  • April 10th: Mythic Creatures
  • April 28th: Spring Dinner
  • June 9th: Summer Classes Begin

Reisher Family Scholarship

University of Colorado Denver

The Reisher Family Scholarship

Roger L. and Margaret Reisher established the
Reisher Family Foundation in 2001. In 2003, the
University of Colorado Denver was added to the program and has continued to grow in providing scholar opportunities.

Roger and Margaret Reisher were the first in their families to go to college. They both feel strongly that education has improved their lives and are thus motivated to help others achieve that goal. With the help of The Denver Foundation, they look forward to expanding the program in coming years.

Mission, and Vision, Values

As Reisher Scholars, striving for personal
excellence, inside and outside the classroom
encourages active participation with our
educational goals. Service learning allows the
opportunity to engage and become leaders in our community. Through these tools we seek to set an example for the University.

Our MISSION as Reisher Scholars is to:
- Graduate on time
- Uphold academic excellence
Exceed expectations
- Maintain support
- Be participants and not just recipients

Our VISION as Re​isher Scholars is to:
- Obtain more engagement with our fellow scholars through planning social, cultural, and academic events
- Utilizing social media and networking
- Giving and accepting encouragement from one another

Our VALUES as Reisher Scholars are:
- Family
- Health
- Education
- Support

Opportunities and Giving Back

Reisher scholars are provided with numerous
opportunities to give back and participate in
various educational events. Academic events
outside of the classroom, as well as cultural events, allow for many interactive learning experiences. The activities are to nurture the connections formed between the scholars to provide a better sense of unity within the program itself.
Community service events encourage scholars to be more than recipients and provide pathways in
becoming participants in all aspects of their


The Reisher Family Scholarship Program
assists students with funding their educational costs in order to help them graduate on time with little to no loan debt. The award varies between $4,000 and $11,000 depending on the scholar’s financial need.

Scholarship Requirements

A student must:
- Be a Colorado resident enrolled in 12 credit hours
- Maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0
- Be one of the following:
- a student who has completed one year of
college/has reached the level of a sophomore
- a student transferring from a community
or junior college after having completed at least
54 transferable credits
- Display a strong financial need as seen through a completed FAFSA (must apply for Financial Aid by March 1st)
- Demonstrate one or more of the following qualities: goal-oriented, highly motivated, likely to make a contribution to society as shown through community service, work experience,
leadership activities, or unusual experience

To maintain eligibility:
- Enroll and complete 12 credits per semester
- Maintain a cumulative GPA of a 3.0
- Work an average of 10 or more hours per week during the academic year



Cohort 14


Ghalia Alkassir - Psychology

Wesley Clayton - Business Finance

John-Marc Cloer - Music/Computer Science

Rossitza Doshkova - Teaching, Learning, Development

Taylor Escheman - Biology

Elisabeth Hoeffken - Psychology

Meghan Kaye - Public Health

Kevin Li - Pre-Pharmacy

Samuel Loos - Mathematics

Jennifer Loyd - English

Yoana Martinez-Salazar - Pre-Education

Mikayla Peterson - Biology

Claire Ransom - International Studies

Adam Rauff – Bioengineering

Leslie Simmons - Pre-Medicine

Ashley Vincent – Biology

Patrick Zapke – Biology



Cohort 13


Teresa Amaya - Criminal Justice

Kelsey Biddix - Biology

Emma Cole - Music

Chris Elliott - Financial Management

Isabel Faulkner - Business

Angelo Gallegos - International Studies

Jesse Hanson - Civil Engineering

Sarah Honstein – Nursing

Devin Keener - Civil Engineering

Micaela Martinez - International Business

Ashley Peralta - Sociology

Bree Sailas - Pre-Medicine

Mike Wolfe - Mechanical Engineering



Cohort 12


Kala Baca - Environmental Studies

Aurora Brooks - Pre-Medicine/Sociology

Anjelica Gallegos - Architecture

Surabhi Honea - Public Health

Chelsea Honea - Psychology

Natalie Kellett - History/Psychology

Khoa Nguyen - Pre-Medicine/Biology

Chantelle Wilkerson - International Studies

Hinna Zahid - Biology



This form is required for any appeal.

Contact Information

An updated contact sheet is essential to maintain effective communication with students.


Reisher Contract

Exit Interview

Every graduating Reisher Scholar must do an exit interview

Grad Plan

A graduation plan is used to help students graduate on time


This form is used for collecting mid-term grades. More than one form may b submitted.

Release Form

This form gives permission to use photos from Reisher events on the website and other publications

Work Verification

Work Verification for Reisher

No Upcoming​ Events
Surabhi Gupta
Surabhi Gupta Thumbnail.png

“Reisher makes me feel that I have a

community of support. They got me through my undergraduate years with confidence and recognize me as a

person with integrity, academic

excellence, service with my community, and accountability. This opportunity helps me succeed not only financially, but also steered me in the right direction.”

Douang Vue: Alumni
Douang Vue Thumbnail.png 

I have received tons of support from the program, especially from Reisher Family Scholarship Coordinator Charmaine Brown. She has challenged me with different goals which in turn has resulted in me becoming a more well-rounded individual. Without her and the support from the scholars, I would not be the

person I am today.”

Jennifer Manfredo: Alumni
Jennifer Manfredo Thumbnail.png

“Being a Reisher scholar means that I connect with amazing people while doing things for my community. I have been able to make it through school without loans piling up, which has been a huge blessing! It has made me more confident in my career path, and I am so thankful for all the support I have received!”

Mike Wolfe
Mike Wolffe Thumbnail.png

“Being a Reisher scholar instills in me a great sense of pride. I could not imagine [focusing on challenges] without the

support of the program. Since I have

realized how much more effective my talents and efforts can be when coupled with those of a similar educational and work ethic, my outlook for the future has completely changed.”

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