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Faculty Resources

University of Colorado Denver

CU Denver takes pride in the quality of its faculty and is committed to providing excellent learning opportunities for its students. The Center for Faculty Development (CFD) is the CU Denver campus professional development center providing tenured, tenure-track. and non-tenure-track faculty with the support they need to excel as teachers, scholars, mentors and leaders, offers programs and resources to meet the diverse needs of faculty members throughout all stages of their careers; including individual consultation and mentoring, in-person and virtual workshops, grant opportunities, dossier review, academic leadership support, and professional development resources (website, books, journals and videos). With a focus on enhancing teaching and student learning on the CU Denver campus, the CFD has professional teaching consultants available to discuss any aspect of teaching, sucas as desigining courses, enhancing classroom techniques, developing course materials, and documenting teaching effectiveness. 

The Office of Faculty Affairs and Undergraduate Enrichment (FAUE) provides a wide variety of assistance to faculty, associate deans, deans, chairs, and other constituents on matters related to faculty processes, academic policies, awards and events, and other issues.

The Faculty Council is the executive body of the Faculty Senate and as such initiates advice and recommendations to the president or other appropriate administrative officials for submission to the Board of Regents on matters within the jurisdiction of the Council which are related to educational policy, internal operations and external operation of the University.​

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) provides leadership to enhance diversity university-wide and to foster a culture of inclusion.​

They focus on numerous elements of campus life, including: ​​recruiting and retaining diverse students, faculty, and staff;​​ maintaining an institutional climate of inclusiveness, respect and understanding for everyone; and ​​​expanding community-based programs to reduce health and educational disparities.

The Office of Policy and Efficiency provides access to university policies, latest policy news or changes, and supports efforts to increase efficiency and effectiveness in university policies, processes and practices.​

The Ombuds Office is an independent resource, which will provide informal, confidential and neutral services to members of the university community in resolving conflicts, complaints, and disputes. Some examples of the type of concerns which may be brought to the Ombuds Office include but are not limited to the following:

  • interpersonal conflicts
  • disagreement over grades
  • working conditions
  • disciplinary actions
  • sexual harassment
  • conflict resolution training
  • discrimination issues
  • clarification of policies or procedures, and
  • concerns regarding reorganization​
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The University employs trained staf​f members who have responsibility for Title IX compliance. The Title IX Coordinator oversees the development, implementation, and evaluation of Title IX policies, procedures, and training efforts and will refer all complaints to a trained Title IX Investigator.   

UCDALI​​- University of Colorado Denver Association of Lecturers and Instructors
The University of Colorado Denver Association of Lecturers and Instructors (UCDALI) is a campus organization for all Non-Tenure-Track Faculty. The mission of UCDALI is to help you find teaching resources and information, connect you with other NTTF colleagues, and give you a voice in campus policies and shared governance.​