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Campus Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists

The university IT Services department maintains a bulk mailing system commonly referred to as a list server or “list serv.”   This system is designed and should be used any time you need to send a bulk mailing to more than 100 unique users.  Users can subscribe and unsubscribe from these lists as they wish.  Users or departments can maintain their own custom lists, while the IT Services department maintains some standard lists for University related communications.  All university faculty and staff who have "" email addresses automatically are added to these lists.  If you are sending out bulk messages to more than 200 recipients at a time without using a list serv, your account will be identified as a compromised account and locked out.  More information about compromised accounts can be found by clicking this link.
Please use the links below to subscribe to or unsubscribe from a particular list. Just click on a link and Send the resulting message. You will receive a confirmation email stating that you have been successfully subscribed or unsubscribed.  If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, please use the following table to subscribe or unsubscribe. If you are using either Firefox or Chrome browsers, or if you use Outlook Web Access, then please read the special instructions following this table.
Mailing List (Announcements) Subscribe Unsubscribe
This list is used to announce campus events such as visiting lecturers, and other notices of interest to the academic community at the university.
Subscribe Unsubscribe
This list is used to announce general "social" events on the university campus, as well as promotional announcements, such as book sales, or charity projects.
Subscribe Unsubscribe
This list is used to convey information about general administrative issues, such as changes in fiscal rules and policies.
Subscribe Unsubscribe
This list is used to announce issues related to campus emergencies at all university campuses (Denver Campus, the Anschutz Medical Campus), including announcements from the University Police and the Auraria Police.
Subscribe Unsubscribe
Not an option for University faculty/staff and enrolled students
This list is used to announce a variety of employment related issues, including policy updates, retirement planning, employment opportunities, and Staff Council announcements.
Subscribe Unsubscribe
Facilities CU Anschutz 
This list is used to announce utility outages, parking updates, construction disruptions, and other information related to the Anschutz Medical Campus.
Subscribe Unsubscribe
Facilities Ninth Ave
This list is used to announce utility outages, parking updates, construction disruptions, and other information related to the Ninth Avenue campus.
Subscribe Unsubscribe
This list is used to make general announcements for a variety of subjects for which no specific list has been created.
Subscribe Unsubscribe
IT Services
This list is used by university IT Services to update the campus regarding planned service outages, warn the campus about computer virus situations, and to generally provide information related to IT Services, including the campus network, telephone systems, email systems, pagers, and file servers.
Subscribe Unsubscribe
This list is used to announce issues having significant campus-wide impact. Subscription to this list is mandatory for all UCD employees.
Subscribe Unsubscribe
Not an option for University faculty/staff
Research Subjects
This list is used to announce research studies that are being conducted at the university, and opportunities to participate as test subjects.
Subscribe Unsubscribe
This list is used to announce issues related to campus safety, including announcements from the University Police, as well as the Health and Safety Office.
Subscribe Unsubscribe
Student Activities (Denver Campus)
This list is used to advertise campus activities, such as lectures, performances, colloquia and other community events open to and of interest to the entire University student and academic community.
Subscribe Unsubscribe
Not an option if you have forwarded your mail to another account
This list is used to announce training opportunities offered by Human Resources and other university departments.
Subscribe Unsubscribe
UC Denver-Network
This list is used to distribute weekly and special announcements from university administration to the university faculty and staff through Integrated University Communications.
Subscribe Unsubscribe
Not an option for University faculty/staff
Tips and tricks for using List Serv's:
It is very important that your message contains the correct "From" address! For typical CU Anschutz users, if you use Microsoft Internet Explorer to view this page, then clicking on one of the links below should result in Microsoft Outlook being used to compose and send that message. This will ensure that the correct "From" address is filled in out (assuming that you do this from your own computer, of course!)
If you use Outlook Web Access to access your email (, then the "Subscribe" and "Unsubscribe" links above will not work. Or, if your web browser and email program are not configured properly, you may find that the links do not work for you. If this is the case, then please read these instructions for manually composing a subscribe/unsubscribe command message.
Please note that only authorized people are allowed to post messages to the lists. If you have a one-time need to post a message, have an authorized person send the message for you. If you need help finding an authorized person or have an ongoing need to post messages to a list, or any other help, please contact the university IT Services Help Desk at 303-724-4357.

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