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Environmental Health and Safety, University of Colorado Denver
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Training Resources Available Through Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety provides a wide range of safety training options to help ensure your safety and health in the workplace. This page details the online and in-person training courses available to University of Colorado Denver students and employees. These training courses are offered to meet numerous regulations and/or as a resource to encourage health and safety for all University community members.

Please note: Volunteers, non-paid interns, and other non-employee lab members are required to take all the necessary training that regular university employees must take.

Biological Safety 

Biological Safety

Biological Safety Cabinet Tutorial

Blood Borne Pathogens/Exposure Control


Regulated Medical Waste Management

Retroviral Vectors Tutorial

Shipping of Biological Materials​

Chemical Waste Management 

Chemical Waste Management

The initial Chemical Waste Management course is required for all University of Colorado employees with job responsibilities that generate or handle hazardous chemical waste, or employees who work in areas where chemical waste is generated.

Radiation Safety Training 

Radiation Safety Training

Radiation Safety Training consists of modular training and annual refresher training.

People Working in a lab at a fume hood 

Laboratory Safety Training

Every new employee that will work in a laboratory must take the Lab Safety training. The online training covers basic lab safety considerations, requirements, and proper use of personnel protective gear and equipment. 


On the Job Training

On the job training (OJT) is intended to prepare employees for safe use and storage of chemical and biological materials, proper use of potentially hazardous equipment, and emergency response(s). EHS has created easy-to-use tools to help with OJT.

Respiratory Training 

Respiratory Protection Training

If you require respiratory protection for your work, OSHA regulations require appropriate training.



University of Colorado Denver required training courses are available through the SkillPort training system

Additional Training 

Additional Training

Additional Training


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