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Examples of Homeland Security Initiatives

Homeland Security


International Executive Roundtables are two-hour meetings held throughout the academic year where we bring in international business executives to discuss the global issues involved in their positions with regional university faculty. Topics that focused on managing national security risks include:

  • An Environmental Focus on Mexico
  • Building Security for the Winter Olympics
  • Political Risk, Terrorism and Globalization
  • US Economic Initiatives in Northern Ireland
  • The New Politics of American Defense from NORAD’s Perspective
  • Human Rights in Iran and How They Impact the US

Numerous business executive workshops that focused on national security related topics have been held since 1994. These include:

  • After Afghanistan: The Next Challenges
  • Business in a Fragile World
  • Conflict Resolution in Divided Societies - The Response to 9/11
  • Energy and Power
  • From the Caspian to the Persian Gulf
  • Geopolitics and Business Risk
  • Geopolitical Hot Spots
  • Global Impacts of Post-War Iraq
  • Global Perspectives on Justice and Civil Liberty
  • Global Security Issues
  • International Terrorists: Who, Where, Why
  • Iran and Oil: What is Ahead in the Middle East?
  • National Security in the 21st Century
  • Oil, Information Technology and Middle East Politics
  • Peace, Stabilization & Reconstruction in Iraq: The Policy Challenges
  • Politics of Globalization
  • Sanctions and US Competitiveness
  • Strategic Issues in the Middle East
  • Security Threats in a Post Cold War World
  • Terrorism in Southeast Asia
  • The Middle East: After the Fall of Saddam Hussein
  • The US and India - Partnering in a Dangerous World
  • The War on Terror - Why we are in it and how we should fight it
  • Briefings and Tour of NORAD
  • The United States’ Relationship with Pakistan
  • Iraq and Democracy in the Middle East
  • Iran and the United States’ Lack of Public Dialogue


The University of Colorado Denver CIBER also sponsors faculty research that investigates national security risk management issues such as:

  • Parameters of political corruption in public management in developed and developing nations
  • Political corruption in developing nations and how it constrains the development of free and open trade

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