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Denver Genetic Laboratories


Test Requisition & Consent

All specimens sent must include an enclosed, fully completed, test requisition form.
Multiple tests may be requested for a patient using a single form.
Please use the latest version of each form as it appears on this website.

If you encounter problems saving or printing any forms, please call 720-777-0500 to request copies by fax.

Please choose the appropriate laboratory division for your needs:

Test Requisitions (please choose the appropriate form):


  • Prenatal Consent Form
    Please include a printed, completed, copy of this consent form with any samples sent to the UCD Biochemical Genetics Laboratory for prenatal testing.

Client Information:

  • New Client Information Form
    A copy of this form must be completed once by each client (or as needed if your contact and/or billing information changes). The completed form can be faxed, mailed, or enclosed in a specimen shipment.