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Scholarships and Opportunities for SOM Students

The School of Medicine has many opportunities for students to apply for scholarships and other awards and to apply to other opportunities.  Please explore to find those that might interest you. 

There are a number of general scholarships available to students who demonstrate merit or diversity.

For Merit scholarships, applicants should describe how your activities in one or more of the following areas demonstrates meritorious acheivement and how those experiences will enhance your abilities as a physician:

              1) Community service;  2)  Academic excellence;  3) Volunteer work;  4)  Personal    accomplishments;  5) Service to the school or your class;  6) Scholarly achievement.

For Diversity scholarships, your essay should provide a diversity self-description and how your diversity has been expressed in one or more of the areas listed above.  In addition, describe how you envision contributing to and enhancing the diversity of the student body and campus community and how these experiences will enrich your abilities as a physician.

Multiple awards will be made in both scholarship categories, with award amounts beginning at the $5,000 level.

Please be aware that if you are the recipient of a renewable scholarship or if you already received a scholarship this academic year you are not eligible to apply for this round of scholarships.

Please click below to access the Merit/Diversity scholarship application: 

Merit/Diversity Scholarship Application


 Scholarship Name  Criteria  Eligible
Merit/Diversity Scholarship One or more of the following: Community service, Academic excellence, Volunteer work, Personal accomplishment, Service, Scholarly achievement, or Ability to contribute educational benefit MS 1-4
Doris Thomasi Scholarship Your training, activities and future goals' benefit to health care for women MS 1-4
John E DeLauro Scholarship Academic achievement in Phases I and II and interest in pursuing a career in surgery MS 3
Maurice H Rees Memorial Scholarship Academic excellence and a devotion to duty as manifested by Dean Maurice H Rees MS 3
Louis and Rachel Rudin Foundation Scholarship Connection to 1 of 5 boroughs of New York and academic excellence MS 1 - 4
Virginia E Glassman Scholarship Demonstrated research activity MS  1-4

Please click below to access Named Scholarship applications:

Named Scholarship Applications

Phase IV medical students may be eligible for the Adler Award for work they have done on their Mentored Scholarly Activity projects. The donors of the award, Edgar and Marion Adler, made this gift based on Marion’s interests in serving the less fortunate, developing community health programs and support for the local community.  The scholarship was created to recognize outstanding achievement in scholarly work in honoring the Adler’s values in the following areas: 

      • Clinical Science
      • Epidemiology and Public Health
      • Humanities, Social Sciences, and Medical Education

Awards will be made up to $20,000.00. The award will be credited through the Office of Student Financial Aid and will be used to repay outstanding loans. ​​​​Please note:  Each student on a joint project must individually apply for the scholarship.

If you are interested in the Adler Scholarship, please check the appropriate response in the Capstone Data Collection in Canvas.