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VOICE Committee - Student Page

    This committee was formed to be the voice of Undergraduate Medical Education (UME), and is responsible for the entire UME enterprise. The VOICE Committee is therefore responsible for the success and quality of the medical student education and for planning and guiding future development of the curriculum. It does not have direct oversight of the SOM educational deans, directors, or program heads.

    V - Vision: The VOICE committee is charged with developing UME vision and strategies for developing the UME.

    O - Oversight: The VOICE committee is responsible for the success and quality of medical student education, the curriculum and oversight of all UME committees. Oversight will generally fall under the domains described by the LCME: 1) MD curriculum, 2) Medical student issues, 3) Institutional issues effecting the UME, 4) Educational resources, 5) Faculty issues.

    I - Innovation: The VOICE committee is dedicated to developing novel approaches to student and faculty recruitment, innovative curriculum, new student services, and implementation of innovative administrative functioning that facilitates collaboration of all involved partners.

    C- Competencies: The UME enterprise and the VOICE committee is committed to an evidence based approach to medical education that ensure that all medical students are competent physicians who graduate with an excellent communication ability, medical knowledge, and skill. In addition, graduates should practice in a humane and culturally sensitive context, be prepared to enter any medical career path should they so choose, and be able to participate and lead a national discussion about health care reform.

    E- Evaluation: Annual evaluation of the entire UME enterprise will be overseen by the VOICE committee. The process will be based on goals and objectives and be outcome driven. Evaluation results will be utilized to provide vision, guidance, and oversight of major curriculum revisions brought forward by the Curriculum Steering Committee.

    The above summations in much more detail can be found on blackboard. Official VOICE Website



    Student Representatives:

    Class of 2013
    Courtenay Holscher and Matt Leroue

    Class of 2014
    Charlie Johnson and Ryan Roth

    Class of 2015
    Adam Berlinberg and Whitney Hoover

    Class of 2016
    Paige Bennett and Robbie Flick​