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Events Committee

The events committee is given the task of organizing and managing most MSC sponsored events. Events include: Donor Memorial 5k, Winter Formal, Prospective Student BBQ, and any other events developed throughout the year. Members of the events committee can expect to take on a variety of duties including marketing of events, budgeting, working closely with students and administration on event planning, and of course producing/running each event. Events committee members should like working in a team environment and should expect a few busy weeks prior to each event, though these are usually manageable with appropriate delegation.​


Committee Chair: Eric Petersen, MS IV


Committee Positions:


Events Committee Chair: Coordinates the Events Committee by organizing and delegating tasks for events as well as sending out email reminders and meeting minutes to members and acting as a liaison between the committee and the administration.



Events Committee Members: The brains and legs of the committee, contributing creative ideas for new and old events as well as working to put these ideas into action.  May act as a chair for individual events as well.

Member Expectations:


Members of the Events Committee are expected to participate in post-MSC meeting Events Committee discussions and remain active members of the committee between meetings via email.  Members are expected to take on a larger role in as many individual events as they are willing, and when not in a leadership role are expected to help in the planning and execution of MSC events.  

Events for the Year:


This year, the Events Committee plans to continue hosting several classic events as in the past, as well as an additional one or two events that would be new this year.  The first big event of the year is the MSC Winter Event held in December, a great event for all four classes to come together and celebrate the end of the semester.  In the Spring, we will be hosting our annual Donor Memorial 5k as well as a Dodgeball Fundraiser, Study Break for Step 1, and a school-wide scavenger hunt downtown. 

Basic Timeline:


Early in the year, we focus on ideas for the Winter Event in order to get the main planning done and the space booked as early as possible.  The rest of first semester focuses on details of the event and advertising and execution.  During second semester, we transition to our other events, including planning of the 5k and Dodgeball.  Time commitments for this committee tend to come in spurts, with lots of work to be done directly before events and lulls between events.