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Communications Committee

The communications committee was developed in order to increase the availability of information and resources for students as they navigate through medical school. This committee also aims to facilitate conversation and transfer of information between the administration and the students. Members of the communications committee can expect to take on a variety of duties including communicating with fellow student representatives and members of the administration as well as updating and developing the MSC website. Communications committee members should be creative and want to work as a team to develop new ways of disseminating information.  Technical expertise is not required by any means but could be beneficial 

Committee Chair: Kelly Ground, MS IV

Committee Positions:

Committee Chair: Coordinates development of the website and works to help committee members gain access and familiarity with the process of editing the website.  This person also works to collect ideas from the entire committee and fellow students and then organize and delegate tasks within the committee.  The chair of the committee should foster a collaborative environment in which students can develop creative ideas.

Committee Members: Committee members are student representatives on MSC who work together to come up with creative new ideas for means of communicating with students as well as design the implementation of these ideas.  Day-to-day responsibilities include maintaining and updating the MSC website.

Member Expectations:

​Members of the Communications Committee are expected to work well with the other members of the committee as well as student representatives in MSC and throughout the medical school They are expected to participate in post-MSC meeting Communications Committee discussions and remain active members of the committee between meetings via email.  Day-to-day responsibilities include maintaining and updating the MSC website and calendars.

Tasks for the Year:


Each year, the members of the Communications Committee need to be granted access to editing the website and need to learn the basics of editing in SharePoint.

Basic Timeline:


As soon as the committee members have been decided, it is important for the chair of the committee to ensure that they have access to the website for editing purposes.  This is done through the assistance of the IT department in the School of Medicine.  The committee then meets at the beginning of the year to develop goals and ideas for improvements in communications as well as to delegate responsibilities for maintenance of the website.  At the end of each MSC meeting, the committee will meet to discuss progress and any current issues.

Committee Chair: Lynne Wood