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Welcome to the First Annual Spring Stampede

The 1st annual Spring Stampede is going down April 20 at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

What is a Stampede? It's a good old fashioned, drop-down, drag-out fight to win the title and a huge trophy for your Advisory College. This is the first ever, so it will set the tone for years, if not decades to come. You know your College is the best, now prove it. The current of competition will be fierce, so a fabulous pancake breakfast feast and a delectable lunch will keep you energized.

Don't worry, you don't need to be a Gladiator to help your college triumph. There is a challenge for you. Brief descriptions are below,  you can visit all of the individual sites to read the details and sign up.

A schedule for the day is available below. PLEASE TAKE A MINUTE TO LOOK IT OVER, WE HAVE ABBREVIATED THE DAY. 


Time​ ​Event ​Location
10:00 - 11:30 am​
5K Fun Run and 2.5K Waddle
​10:15 - 11:30 am Pancake Breakfast
Boetcher Commons
10:30 am

Bake Off Submissions Due
​Ed 2 North, Room 1103
11:30 am
Step-Up Challenge Logs Due
Ed 2 North, Room 1103​
​11:30 - 12:00 pm Set 1 Challenges
Boot-Camp Obstacle Course
Parade Grounds
Cinder Block Stand West Patio of Ed 2 North

Brain Bowl Trivia Challenge
Ed 2 North, Room 1102​
​12:10 - 12:40 pm ​Set 2 Challenges
​Jump for the Cup
​West Patio of Ed 2 North
​Save Humpty ​Ed 2 North, Room 1102
​Mental Muscle Puzzle Challenge ​Parade Grounds
1​2:40 - 1:30 pm Lunch 
​Ed 2 South Auditorium
​1:30 - 2:30 pm ​Award Ceremony ​Ed 2 South Auditorium
Students from each college will compete to walk the highest number of steps from April 5th to April 20th. We provide the pedometers, all the participants need to do is walk and keep track of their steps to win points. Register on the Step-up website.

​5K Fun Run & 2.5K Waddle

​Gather your costumes, gather your strength, gather your wits and brave the distance and the obstacles. Visit the 5K Fun Run or 2.5K Waddle site to register.


​Boot-Camp Obstacle Course

​Think you're tough? Gain points for your college by overcoming feats of physical strength. Register on the Obstacle Course site.


​Cinder Block Stand

​Pull your classmates close and balance on a cinderblock. All you have to do is stand still, cozy up and rely on one another to win this challenge. Click here to register for the stand.


​Jump for the Cup

​We all did jump rope for heart, well pull out your double Dutch skills, and jump your way to the winner's circle. Sign up on the Cup Jump site now!


Baking for the Win

​Submit your work of culinary genius to win the cup for your college. Each team must submit all delectable treats by 10:30 am at the Spring Stampede. Full details and sign-up available on the Bake Off site.


​Save Humpty

​We all know a teaspoon of preventative medicine is worth an ocean of cure, test your preventative skills and keep Humpty from falling apart. Sign-up and save Humpty.


Mental Muscle​

​Building proteins is easy, your cells do it every day. Are you as smart as your cells? Rebuild a protein without mistakes from memory and your college may be strong enough to win the cup. Sign up, if you think you're smarter than a cell.


Brain Bowl

​Yeah, yeah, yeah, we all know you know how to treat atrial fibrillation, but do you know the five flags that have flown over Texas? Compete in a good old-fashioned trivia challenge.


​Rx Factor

​Twirl a baton? Sing? Dance? We know you have talents, now is your chance to use them to catapult your college to the top. Talented students, register here.