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Welcome to the University of Colorado School of Medicine on the Anschutz Medical Campus. A Top Ten Medical School, our departments, centers and institutes work with the University of Colorado Hospital, The Children's Hospital and Barbara Davis Center.

Graduate Medical Education

Duty Hours

ACGME Duty Hours - Approved and Final:

GME Information: ACGME Information:

      Office of Graduate Medical Education Institutional Duty Hour Compliance
      To comply with current and new duty hour requirements of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), it is the goal of the Graduate Medical Education (GME) Office and Affiliated Hospitals that the Institution have no duty hour violations.  The GME Office will monitor, track, and report monthly duty hour compliance for all ACGME accredited programs. Non-ACGME programs must follow and comply with requirements of the GME Duty Hour Policy.

      GME Duty Hour Oversight and Compliance
      All ACGME accredited programs and GME sponsored programs must comply with ACGME and GME duty hour requirements, policies, and processes.  Follow-up and resolution of identified problems are the responsibility of the Program Director and Department.

       1. Programs and residents/fellows that are noncompliant in logging hours and/or completing 
           duty hour surveys will be contacted by the GME compliance director.  
       2. Programs that have duty hour violations will be notified and documentation must be 
           submitted by the program director to the GME compliance director identifying reasons for 
           the violation and how the program will resolve the issue(s). 
       3. The GME compliance director will present an analysis and summary of institutional duty 
           hour data monthly at the GMEC, Affiliated Hospital Steering Committee, and 
           Program Coordinator meetings.
       4.  Records of programs' duty hour policies will be maintained by the GME Office.

      GME Institutional Duty Hour Compliance Updates and Resources