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Exit Process

Before you go, you should know:

As you leave your GME training program, you are required to complete the exit procedure. This applies to everyone, including residents who will become faculty. The following information is provided to make the process as swift and painless as possible. If you are not leaving and have received this information, or if you have questions not answered in this information, please call the GME office at 303-724-6031.​

Bank Account:
Insurance Benefits:
Health, Dental or Vision Care Continuation Coverage:

CU GME Health/Dental Benefits Plan and/or CU GME EyeMed Vision Care Plan enrollees may choose COBRA continuation coverage for the plan(s) in which they were enrolled immediately prior to termination of active coverage. To view CU GME Health, Dental or Vision Care COBRA Continuation of Coverage Information click here​​​.​

GME will notify AmeriBen, the claims administrator, of your (upcoming) termination of coverage. 

AmeriBen will mail the Notification of Right to Elect Continuation of Group Health Benefits/COBRA to your home address. This will include Election/Enrollment Form and premium rate information. You may also use this Notification as proof of termination of your CU GME Health/Dental Plan coverage. 

For known June and July exits, AmeriBen will mail this information to your home address during the last week in May. If you do not receive it or misplace it, call AmeriBen, 1-866-955-1498, for instructions on how to obtain a copy. Your individualized copy of the above information must be obtained directly from AmeriBen.

In addition to the CU GME Health & Dental Benefits Plan COBRA continuation of coverage, other health coverage alternatives may be available to you, including but not limited to an individual interim insurance plan, coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace ( or a special enrollment opportunity for another group health plan for which you are eligible (such as a plan sponsored by your spouse’s employer), even if the plan generally does not accept late enrollees, if you request enrollment within 30 days. 

Group Long-Term Disability Coverage:
Life Insurance:
Immunization / TB Screening:
Proof of Malpractice Coverage:
Training Verification:
GME Parking Privileges:
GME Pager & University-Issued Property:
CU E-mail Account:
CU GME Clearance Form:

Residents are NOT eligible for unemployment compensation.



GME Insurance Benefits Ends:
GME Parking Privileges End on the Last Day of Training:
CU E-Mail Account:
GME Pager Use Ends: