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Dermatology - Research

Research in the Section of Dermatology has focused on sun protection in childhood; the role of sun exposure and phenotype in the development of moles in childhood; improving outcomes for laser treatment of vascular lesions; developing expertise in the clinical management of rare vascular lesions; and understanding the etiology of congenital melanocytic nevi and neurocutaneous melanosis.

In addition to this work, current projects include characterizing the clinical manifestations and outcomes of patients with epidermolysis bullosa; wound healing in epidermolysis bullosa; the increasing incidence and decreasing age of onychomycosis; improving outcomes in morphea; predicting chronicity and systemic involvment in mastocystosis; and differentiation of Spitz nevi from melanoma.

Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Anna L Bruckner’s main research interest is improving care and investigating new therapies for patients with epidermolysis bullosa and other genetic skin diseases. She is also interested in atopic dermatitis, vascular anomalies, and pediatric dermatology education.

Dr. Arelis Burgos is conducting a natural history study of solitary mastocytomas and urticaria pigmentosa, a prospective study of the risk of glaucoma in facial port wine stains, and a prospective study on the efficacy of UVA-1 in plaque type and linear morphea.

Dr. Joseph Morelli’s research interests include hemangiomas, birthmarks, laser surgery, nevi development, photobiology, eicosanoid metabolism, vitiligo, melanocyte biology, and general pediatric dermatology.

Dr. Lori Prok’s research interests are pediatric dermatopathology, particularly Spitz nevi, congenital nevi, mast cell disorders, and clinical-pathologic correlation.