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Community Pediatrics - Education

Community Pediatrics Curriculum
The Section has developed a curriculum for pediatric trainees regarding care in community settings (in preparation for pediatric practice) and care of underserved children.

Cross-Cultural Health Care Curriculum
The Section has developed a curriculum and learning community for both faculty and residents utilizing workshops, small group discussions, noon conferences, and a website to assist providers and staff to develop their knowledge base and skills to provide culturally sensitive and responsive health care for racial and ethnic minority families.

Residency Continuity Experience
The Section oversees the continuity practice experience for pediatric residents. Residents spend an average of a half-day per week over their three years of residency in a community-based general pediatric clinic or practice. Half of the residents have their continuity experience in the general pediatric clinic on Children’s Hospital Colorado campus; one fourth are in the Denver Health Authority Neighborhood Health Centers; and one fourth are in private practices.

Pediatric Residency Rural Health Care Experience
The Section oversees the rural health care experience, assisting residents in selecting appropriate sites for this month-long rotation in their second year.

Pediatric Resident Preparation for Private Practice
The Section provides assistance for graduating residents in preparing a CV, locating potential private practices to join, and navigating the process of selecting, negotiating with, and entering a private practice.