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Pediatric Heart Lung Center

Robin Mascotti
Pediatric Heart Lung Center
Children's Hospital Colorado
13123 East 16th Avenue, B-395
Aurora, CO 80045

Robin Mascotti

Phone: 720-777-5821

Children's Hospital Colorado -

Welcome to the Pediatric Heart Lung Center

The Pediatric Heart Lung Center (PHLC) is a research and clinical care program focused on developing innovative approaches towards the investigation and treatment of severe cardiac and pulmonary disorders in children.

The overall purpose is to establish a multidisciplinary program to stimulate new understanding and novel strategies for the treatment of childhood cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases.

The approach is to foster the integration of basic and clinical sciences, as well as the development of multidisciplinary approaches to these diseases, by integrating key personnel from different Sections within the Department of Pediatrics, including Pulmonology, Cardiology, Neonatology, and Critical Care and the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

By supporting programs that link bench research with bedside clinical care and clinical investigation, the PHLC provides an environment that promotes more rapid clinical application of "cutting-edge" technologies.

Further information is available by visiting the Pediatric Heart Lung Center at Children's Hospital Colorado website.

Contact Us

Please direct your questions or requests for additional information about the Pediatric Heart Lung Center to:

Robin Mascotti
Pediatric Heart Lung Center
Children's Hospital Colorado
13123 East 16th Avenue, B-395
Aurora, Colorado 80045
Tel:  720-777-5821
E-mail: Robin Mascotti


  • Dr. Christopher Baker was invited to speak at the Pediátrico Centro Habana in Havana Cuba by Dr. Gladys Abreu Suarez, President of the Cuban Pediatric Society. Dr. Baker gave a presentation on chronic ventilation for severe neonatal lung disease.

  • Dr. Steven Abman, was recently awarded the International Arvo Ylppo Award in recognition of pioneering work in the study of the newborn and premature infant. This honor is awarded by the Chairmen of Pediatrics of the five Finnish medical schools. The award will be given in Helsinki, Finland in October 2017.

  • Our approach is to improve the clinical care and outcomes of children with diverse cardiopulmonary diseases by promoting:
    • improvements in current clinical care
    • multidisciplinary training for students, residents, and fellows
    • novel educational approaches to cardiovascular and pulmonary disorders
    • initiation of new and creative research approaches and programs
    • development of new clinical approaches to cardiopulmonary disease