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Status Benefits

  • Clinical Faculty status and the opportunity for promotions
  • Learning through teaching
  • Free parking at Children’s Hospital Colorado and University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
  • Free e-mail and Internet access for preceptors
  • Continuing Medical Education and Faculty Development in-person and online
  • Health Sciences Library access for established clinical faculty
  • Maintenance of Certification credits assistance
  • Periodic newsletters
  • Discounts
  • The joy of mentoring. Clinical faculty members tell us, that they find teaching, "rewarding, stimulating and fun!"
  • Download Benefits Brochure for complete listing of benefits and discounts.

Contact Info

Clinical Faculty
Department of Pediatrics
University of Colorado School of Medicine

Bobbi Siegel, MSW
Phone: 720-777-3936

Anna Villarreal
Phone: 720- 777-2715

Children's Hospital Colorado -​​​

Clinical Faculty

Department of Pediatrics

There are over 400 clinical faculty members in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine (CU SOM). Our clinical faculty are physicians, physician assistants, nurses, psychologists, and other allied health professionals throughout Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana and are generally volunteer faculty who teach residents, medical students, physician assistants, and nursing students in the hospital, in their private offices, and in outpatient settings.

Because community-based clinical faculty members play such a vital role in the teaching medical students, residents, fellows, physician assistants and other allied-health professionals, CU SOM has created an Office of Community Based-Medical Education (OCBME). This new office is headed by Dennis Boyle, MD, Assistant Dean OCBME and supported by Nicole Bost, Manager OCBME located in Education Building 2 North, 5th floor, office 5223 on the Anschutz at 303/724-0044. The office was created to support, strengthen, and celebrate the work of volunteer clinical faculty. This new office has developed a very useful website that is a great resource for clinical faculty in their teaching endeavors.  It includes videos of teaching points, online teaching modules, career development workshops and Crowd Wisdom which is a CU SOM online faculty development tool for fulltime and volunteer faculty who are looking to improve their academic skills.

Affairs Committee

The Clinical Faculty Affairs Committee is made up of sixteen members of the clinical faculty, representing all the areas in which they practice and precept trainees. The Committee plays a vital role in the life of the Department of Pediatrics. While its official role is to set standards for clinical faculty and to advise the Chairperson of the Department on appointments and promotions, in practice, it does much more. As an ad hoc committee to the Medical board of Children’s Hospital Colorado, the Committee in the past helped reorganize the inpatient medical service at Children’s Colorado and advised the hospital on ways to enhance inpatient, outpatient, and phone consultation procedures.

The Clinical Faculty Affairs Committee also functions as an advisory group to the Chairperson of the Department of Pediatrics facilitating interactions between the private pediatric community and the Department. Over the years, the Committee has redefined the criteria for clinical faculty appointments and promotions and has established a database of all clinical faculty.

The Committee has been involved in a number of other functions, including; recommending topics for continuing medical education and faculty development opportunities for community physicians; identifying training sites for medical students, residents and physician assistants; and helping to evaluate and advise on the primary care curriculum and resident continuity of care experience.

The Clinical Faculty Affairs Committee keeps its members up-to-date on the latest developments in pediatric practice and graduate medical education.

Further Information

Visit the following Clinical Faculty Web pages for further information:

Clinical Faculty Resource Links

Visit the CU SOM OCBME page for information regarding CU SOM-wide teaching criteria, opportunities, faculty development and more.

Access the CU SOM OCBME Common Application to apply for a Volunteer Clinical Faculty position.

Download a two-page Volunteer Clinical Faculty Benefits​ brochure to learn about all of the incentives of being a volunteer clinical faculty member.

Visit Crowd Wisdom​ for online learning through teaching modules. Once you are redirected, you can create your own account and password. It takes 2 minutes to complete the two step process.


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