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Department of Orthopedics

Department of Orthopedics

Calendar of Events

Orthopedic Surgery Interest Group

We host a variety of events and lectures throughout the year, including Cadaver Night, Casting and Splinting Night, and a Sports Medicine Lecture.

Upcoming Events

 - Orthopedic Conference

Medical students are welcome and encouraged to attend these weekly lectures. Click here for the schedule.

Past Events

 - How to be a Strong Sub-I

When: Late Spring
Rising fourth year medical students should attend this session with current residents for information and advice on sub-internships.

 - Material Science for Clinical Application in Orthopedics

Lecture #1: A Primer to Materials
Lecture #2: Metals/Ceramics/Titanium/Cobalt/Steel
Lecture #3: Corosion and Device Failure
Students revisited fundamental principles in chemistry and physics to build a foundation for a more sophisticated understanding of material properties.

 - Casting and Splinting Night

When: Fall
Students learn the principles of casting and splinting from current residents.

 - Surgical Skills Night

When: Fall
Students learn the basics of orthopedic surgical approaches and procedures on cadaveric specimens. This event takes place at the Center for Surgical Innovation (CSI).

 - ORTH 6620: Intro to Orthopedics

When: Wednesdays of spring semester from 12 - 1 PM
Course Director: Frank Scott, MD
Course Coordinators: Kelly Wright & Becky Lewis
This course provides an overview of orthopedic surgery. Interactive lectures cover musculoskeletal oncology, reconstructive surgery, trauma, sports medicine, spine surgery, hand surgery, and primary care orthopedics. Students will also shadow an orthopedic surgeon during clinic and surgery on four afternoons.

 - Introduction to Orthopedics Lecture

When: Fall
Interested in orthopedics and want to know more? The Intro to Orthopedics lecture by OSIG faculty representative Dr. Frank Scott is the perfect opportunity to learn not only about orthopedics as a possible career, but also about how you can get involved now as a student. Information regarding the date and time of the lecture will be sent out via email to all Anschutz students.