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The University of Colorado Thyroid Tumor Program

Director: Bryan R. Haugen, M.D.


The Thyroid Tumor Program incorporates a multidisciplinary approach to the evaluation and treatment of patients with thyroid nodules and cancer. Patients can be seen in consultation with thyroid specialists (Bryan Haugen, M.D., Joshua Klopper, M.D., Janice Kerr, MD, Virginia Sarapura, MD Michael McDermott, M.D., E. Chester Ridgway, M.D.,), Oncologists (Madeleine Kane, M.D., Ph.D.), Endocrine surgeons (Robert McIntyre, M.D., Christopher Raeburn, M.D., John Song, M.D.), Diagnostics Radiology (Kristin McKinney, M.D., Nayana Patel, M.D.)  and Radiation Oncologists (David Raben, M.D., Changu Chen, M.D). The Program also incorporates the expertise of cytopathology (Sharon Sams, M.D, Sherif Said, M.D.) and Nuclear Medicine (William Klingensmith, M.D., Phillip Koo, M.D.) to provide efficient evaluation of thyroid nodules and long-term management of patients with thyroid cancer. The Program uses state-of-the-art serum thyroglobulin testing and blood dosimetry calculations for radioiodine treatment. The Program is also actively involved in the use of recombinant human TSH (Thyrogen™) as well as the development of protocols for serum thyroglobulin RNA detection and molecular markers for suspicious or indeterminate nodules. The Thyroid Tumor Program is also investigating therapeutic agents for advanced, aggressive forms of thyroid cancer (vitamin A derivatives and different chemotherapeutic agents).

For more information call: 720.848.2650 or email the Patient Coordinator Bev McLaughlin

Patient information brochures are available for both Thyroid Cancer and Nodules.

Thyroid_Cancer_Brochure.pdf            Thyroid_Nodules_Brochure.pdf