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Welcome to the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

University of Colorado School of Medicine

CU Mini Med School

Mini Med II: The Clinical Years - September 2 to October 28, 2015

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Many adults wish they had chosen a medical career or wish they had paid a little more attention in science classes when they were in school.

Maybe you barely survived high school biology and, as time whizzes by, feel lost in the terminology, the technology, and the treatments that the medical profession is using these days. Perhaps you're a science buff who wants a refresher or more information about what you read in the papers and magazines.

Killer T-cells, antibodies, new drugs and cancer breakthroughs are only a few of the topics that the University of Colorado Denver's favorite medical professors cover in this informative series of lectures. All are designed to make you more knowledgeable and excited about the human body.

The CU Mini Med School was founded in 1989 by J. John Cohen, MD, PhD, Professor of Immunology & Medicine. With more than 21,000 graduates to date, the program continues to be the most popular and anticipated event offered by the University of Colorado School of Medicine. CU Mini Med School is taught by experts in their fields, who are chosen for their ability to make the technical language of medicine understandable. The program covers the basic science that underlies medicine, topics such as molecular and cell biology, anatomy and physiology, immunology, cancer, virology and cancer biology.

Each presentation includes an hour on the evening's topic, followed by a question-and-answer period.

CU Mini Med School is a free eight-week program. You won't get a medical degree nor can you practice medicine, but you will get the background, the overviews, and the updates that can make all the pieces of the biomedical puzzle fall into place. And if you attend at least 5 of the 8 sessions you'll get a diploma! The purpose is simply to enlighten, provide a scientific background that will improve your understanding of the human body, and help you take charge of your own health.

The popular lecture series is a community service offered by the CU School of Medicine. Classes are held on the Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, and are also seen by live video feed to many sites around the state of Colorado. Registration is required in order to attend.




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