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University of Colorado Cancer Center

University of Colorado Cancer Center, A National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center

Cancer Clinical Trials Office Leadership

Name Position Contact Info
Thomas Flaig, MD
​Associate Director for Clinical Research
Colleen Kellackey
​Clinical Research Consortium Director
Christopher Lieu, MD
​Deputy Cancer Clinical Trials Medical Director
Ken Tadikonda
Assistant Director of Finance
Michaela Montour
Assistant Director of Research Administration

Sherri Wilke
Cancer Clinical Trials Office Regulatory Affairs Manager


Karyn Goodman, MD
​Cancer Clinical Trials Office Medical Director
​Margaret Beveridge
​Cancer Clinical Trials Office Pre-Award Manager
Alison Sutton ​ Senior Operations Manager for the CCTO ​(720) 848-0601
Mark Morrow ​CCTO Phase 1 Team Manager ​720-848-0601
Robyn Swing ​CCTO GYN/RT/Brain Team Manager
Paula Fisk CCTO Lung/Endocrine Team Manager
Grant Chambers
CCTO Melanoma/Cutaneous Team Manager
Tiffany Colvin
​CCTO Breast/Sarcoma Team Manager ​720-848-0664
Kerry Scriber
CCTO Genitourinary Team Manager 720-848-0656
Derek Schatz Heme/BMT Team Manager


Amy Wallace ​CCTO Head and Neck/GI Team Manager ​720-848-2538
Nicole Chronister ​NCTN Project Coordinator/Community Outreach Sites ​303-724-8868
Amber Pfister ​Cancer Center Research Monitor ​303-724-8801
Deb McCollister ​PRMS Director
Lisa Haney
​DSMC Manager ​303-724-8606

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