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Improving Clinical Trials

Patient Bray Patrick Lake took on the challenge of reforming clinical trials with her cardiologist John Carroll, MD, after a trial they were involved in was aborted. 

Student Hot Spotters Help Patients

CU students steered needy UCH Emergency Department patients toward follow-up doctor appointments and social services. 

A Gas Gauge for Glycogen

CU scientists have found a way to easily measure glucose levels in athletes and accident victims to prevent injuries and muscle-wasting.

The Disgust Diet

Pictures of gross things - think cockroaches and vomit - flashed for a fraction of a second can destroy your appetite. Could this technique be used to help with weight loss? 

Fall 2015

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Dean's Message

The University of Colorado School of Medicine is poised for significant achievements in the years ahead and we are taking steps to ensure our faculty, students and staff can fulfill our mission to improve function, relieve suffering, and increase longevity of those we serve. ... Read more >