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University of Colorado Denver

University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine

Register with AHEC

Area Health Education Centers

During ACTS, you'll register every affiliation with AHEC

They're the part of CU that's responsible for funding and monitoring all student affiliations for all of the programs.  They are also affiliated with the independent regional AHECs that provide you with housing when you're placed away from metro Denver

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Tips for life in the wild

When you're living away from Denver in AHEC's housing - If you have any concerns, call or email your contact person at the regional AHEC first.  That's usually the person who gave you the keys.  They're friendly people who want you to feel welcome.  Like all of us, they respond best to friendly, non-confrontational requests and they'll do their best to address your concerns.  Occasionally they aren't able to address those concerns to your satisfaction.  If that's the case, then please email or call Dr Rob Berg as your next step.

Funding for housing does not come from tuition.  It's a creative mixture of grant funds and occasionally an AHEC staff person spends their own money on items they hope will address a student's concerns.  You'll have the basics you need to live safely and economically away from your home.  It's likely you'll watch television shows on your laptop instead of a TV and I strongly recommend bringing a good novel or two along with you.

Talk with your preceptor about things to do in the community.  There have been times when a preceptor has mistakenly thought a student wanted to be left alone in peace, while the student was bored or lonely but didn't want to bother the preceptor.  You can also contact the local AHEC director to see if other CU students are on affiliation in or near your community.  All of the AMC schools send their students out into the wild!