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Director: Bryan Wee, Ph.D.
Director of Sustainability Minor
Department of Geography & Environmental Sciences
P.O. Box 173363
North Classroom 3016-B
University of Colorado Denver
Denver, CO 80217-3364
Email: Bryan Wee
Phone: 303-556-6039

Managing Director, Signature Areas:
Laurel Dodds, MPS
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Email: Laurel Dodds
Phone: 303-352-3728


The Critical Need for Inter-Connected Solutions

Sustainability Minor

Why Study Sustainability?

Questions regarding environmental sustainability are among the most important facing humankind. Environmental sustainability is receiving great attention in the media, government, science, and international planning circles. The challenges surrounding environmental sustainability do not arise from singular causes, nor can solutions be developed based upon a narrow disciplinary framework. Instead, the study of environmental sustainability requires a multidisciplinary perspective in order to identify and understand problems, and develop and implement meaningful solutions.

Holistic approaches to sustainability practices in our daily living require a workforce that understands the various perspectives that address a broad optimistic framework. Students who complete this minor will demonstrate a command of the language, structure and skills of multiple, relevant disciplines, and will be better prepared to take leadership in this complex, challenging field.

The UCD College of Liberal Arts & Sciences has created the Minor in Sustainability to provide students with the cross-disciplinary knowledge and skills in this critically important area. The minor draws on the expertise and experience of an interdisciplinary faculty group working in a wide array of research that will help students develop a comprehensive base of knowledge and marketable skills. Read more...

Signature Areas

"Signature Areas" are cutting edge initiatives of the strategic plan based on proposals prepared by faculty from across the university, and approved by faculty, staff, students, and administrators in the college. They reflect a major development in higher education to engage in research and teaching about contemporary topics by incorporating perspectives from multiple disciplines.