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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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BA Degree Option 5: Earth Science

(40-41 hours)

Earth Science

Advisors: Casey Allen​ & Frederick Chambers​

Required of all Option 5 majors (20 hours)
Lower Division
ENVS 1342, Environment, Society, and Sustainability
GEOG 1302, Introduction to Human Geography
GEOL 1072, Physical Geology: Surface Processes
GEOL 1082, Physical Geology: Internal Processes
GEOG 2080, Introduction to Mapping and Map Analysis (formerly GEOG 3080)
Upper Division
GEOG 4335/5335, Contemporary Environmental Issues
GEOG 3411, Globalization & Regional Development
GEOG 4080/5080, Introduction to GIS

Additional Requirements: Students enrolled in Option 5 must complete SIX additional courses (18-19 hours):

A. Earth Science, ALL FOUR are required:
GEOG 3232, Weather and Climate
GEOL 3011, Mineralogy
GEOL 3421, Sedimentation and Stratigraphy
GEOG 4240, Principles of Geomorphology

B. Plus, ONE of the following courses:
GEOG 3240, Colorado Climates
GEOG 4010, Landscape Geochemistry
GEOG 4020 Earth Environments and Human Impacts
GEOG 4270 Glacial Geomorphology
ENVS 4500, Environmental Hydrology
GEOL 3032, Geology of Colorado
GEOL 4030/5030, Environmental Geology
GEOL 4402, Unsaturated Zone Hydrology

C. Techniques (one from list)
GEOG 4060/5060, Remote Sensing I
GEOG 4081/5081, Introduction to Cartography
GEOG 4090/5090, Environmental Modeling with GIS
GEOG 4095/5095, Deploying GIS Functionality on the Web
GEOG 4770, Applied Statistics for the Natural Sciences OR ANTH 4050, PSY 2090, MATH 2830, SOC 3121
GEOL 4110/5110, Field Geology Methods

D. Community/Professional Experience (optional but highly recommended)
GEOG 3939, Cooperative Education Internship
GEOG 4995/5995, Travel Study