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Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science Degree Requirements

Our curriculum is designed to offer, through core and ancillary courses, a firm foundation in those areas that provide an important background for understanding life processes. Choosing from among a variety of biology electives accommodates individual interests. In addition to the biology major requirements listed below, students must meet all graduation requirements set by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; student should consult the University Catalog and CLAS Advising Office (NC 4002) for specific requirements.


Please note: The requirements listed in the tabs below apply ONLY to students who declare the major in Fall 2015 or after. You are held to the degree requirements in place when you declared your major. The following PDFs are older sets of requirements:

Fall 2013 - Summer 2015  BiologyMajorAdvisingFall 2013.pdfBiologyMajorAdvisingFall 2013.pdf

Fall 2009 - Summer 2013 BiologyMajorAdvisingFall 2009 table version updated 1_17_2012.pdfBiologyMajorAdvisingFall 2009 table version updated 1_17_2012.pdf

Fall 2007 – Summer 2009 BiologyMajorAdvisingFall2007 (2).pdfBiologyMajorAdvisingFall2007 (2).pdf


Two other documents which may be useful tools in planning your Biology Major:

Generic 4-year plan  Suggested Biology Degree Progress effective Fall 2015 updated 2_2016.pdfSuggested Biology Degree Progress effective Fall 2015 updated 2_2016.pdf

List of all Biology courses and their prerequisite courses prereq curriculum flow chart effective Spring 2016.pdfprereq curriculum flow chart effective Spring 2016.pdf

    General Requirements for the B.S. in Biology. (as of Fall 2015)

    Please note: These requirements apply ONLY to students who declare the major as of Fall 2015 or after. See also ​BiologyMajorAdvisingFall 2015.pdfBiologyMajorAdvisingFall 2015.pdf

  • ​​Students must complete a minimum of 36 semester hours of biology courses listed in the "Biology Core Courses" tab.
  • All courses in the major must be taken for a letter grade; pass/fail grades will not apply.
  • Students must earn a "C-" (1.7) or higher in all courses used to satisfy degree requirements, with an overall minimum CU Denver Biology cumulative GPA of a 2.0.
  • 18 upper division credit hours (BIOL 3000-4000+) must be taken in residence from UCD Biology faculty.
  • Courses must be taken within 10 years of graduation.
  • Biology courses taken at other colleges and universities (including CU Boulder and CU Colorado Springs) must be appproved by the UC Denver Biology BS Advisor before they can be applied toward the major requirements.
  • Departmental honors will be awarded to students based on their grade point average in biology clases taken at UCD and their cumulative UCD GPA. Both GPA's must meet the following : cumlaude > 3.5; magn cum laude >3.7; suma cum laude >3.9.
  • All majors are encouraged to consult a Biology major advisor annually and must meet with an advisor within two semesters of graduation.
  • Students with transfer credit, Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) or CLEP credits, please read through this page and and meet with the Biology major advisor for placement. 
  • Students declared pre-health should also consult a Health Careers advisor.
  • Students pursuing a double major should consult advisors in both departments; Biology courses may not apply to satisfy major requirements for both majors.
  • In addition to the biology major requirements listed, students must meet all graduation requirements set by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Students should consult the University Catalog and CLAS Advising Office for specific requirements.
  • ​NOTE: Each course has required prerequisites to enroll. Please check when planning you schedules.

For a printable pdf. of Biology B.S. information, click here BiologyMajorAdvisingFall 2013.pdfBiologyMajorAdvisingFall 2013.pdf BiologyMajorAdvisingFall 2015.pdfBiologyMajorAdvisingFall 2015.pdf

Biology total (required courses pluse electives) 36 credits - each class must be completed with a "C-" (1.7) or higher and an overall UCD Biology cumulative GPA of a 2.0.

These courses should be completed prior to the Biology electives. These courses cannot be applied to the upper division Biology electives.

  1. General Biology I with Lab (BIOL 2051-3 and BIOL 2071-1)
  2. General Biology II with Lab (BIOL 2061-3 and BIOL 2081-1)
  3. Principles of Ecology (BIOL 3411-3) 
  4. Introduction to Evolution (BIOL 3445-3)
  5. General Cell Biology (BIOL 3611-3)
  6. General Genetics (BIOL 3832-4)

BiologyMajorAdvisingFall 2013.pdfBiologyMajorAdvisingFall 2013.pdf BiologyMajorAdvisingFall 2015.pdfBiologyMajorAdvisingFall 2015.pdf

Upper Division Biology Elective Courses 15 credits (selected to accomodate individual interests and professional goals)

You must include:
  1. At least one upper division biology lab course.
  2. At least one 3 credit hour 4000 level Biol course -- taken in residence from UCD Biology Faculty (NOTE: BIOL 4840, 4880 and 4990 do not satisfy this requirement but can apply as biology electives. 

Elective Notes:
  • Biochemistry (CHEM 3810-4 or 4820-3) may be counted as biology elective hours, if taken in addition to a second semester organic chemistry.

  • We encourage all students to consider getting research experience (Independent Study or Directed Research) or doing an internship (various work experiences off-campus). Six credits in combination of Independent Study (BIOL 3840/4840),  Directed Research (BIOL 4880) or Internship (BIOL 3939) may apply as upper division biology electives.


​Required Ancillary Courses 31-33 credits - each class must be completed with a "C-" (1.7) or higher.

  • Math requirement, choose one of the following three options 
        1. Calculus I (MATH 1401-4)[or Calculus II (MATH 2411) or Calculus III
        (MATH 2421)]
        2. College Algebra (MATH 1110-3) [or Trigonomety Math 1120 or Precalculus
        Math 1130-3]
    and Applied Statistics (Math 4830-3)
        3. College Algebra (MATH 1110-3 [or Trigonometry MATH 1120 or Precalculus
        MATH 1130]
    and Introductory Biostatistics (BIOL 3763-4)
  • Physics I (PHYS 2010-3 or PHYS 2311-4) with lab (2030-2 or 2321-1) and Physics II (PHYS 2020-3 or 2331-4) with lab (2040-2 or 2341-1)
  • General Chemistry I and II with labs (CHEM 2031-3 and 2038-1; CHEM 2061-3 and 2068-2)
  • Organic Chemistry I (CHEM 3411-1)
  • Organic Chemistry II (Chem 3421-4) or Bioochemistry (CHEM 3810-4, or CHEM 4810-3 & 4820-3)

BiologyMajorAdvisingFall 2013.pdfBiologyMajorAdvisingFall 2013.pdf  BiologyMajorAdvisingFall 2015.pdfBiologyMajorAdvisingFall 2015.pdf

Recommended Courses

Majors are encouraged to include in their program of study:

  • Evolution (BIOL 4974) or Population and Evolutionary Genetics (BIOL 4494)
  • Biochemistry (CHEM 3810)
  • Statistics (MATH 4830 or BIOL 3763 or BIOL 4763 )
  • Technical Writing (ENGL 3154)

Suggested Biology Degree Progress effective Fall 2015 updated 9_2014.pdfSuggested Biology Degree Progress effective Fall 2015 updated 9_2014.pdf

BiologyMajorAdvisingFall 2015.pdfBiologyMajorAdvisingFall 2015.pdf

BiologyMajorAdvisingFall 2013.pdfBiologyMajorAdvisingFall 2013.pdf