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Undergraduate Degrees

College of Arts & Media

The College of Arts & Media offers undergraduate degrees encompassed in three departments: Music & Entertainment Industry Studies; Theatre, Film & Video Production and Visual Arts. Additionally, CAM offers two graduate degrees in the recording arts discipline.

Undergraduate Degrees

3D Graphics and Animation (Bachelor of Arts)

Imagination comes to life in the Digital Animation Center (DAC). Animators who are problem-solvers and critical thinkers are fostered here and prepared to enter the workforce as leaders and managers. You’ll receive the highest level of instruction in the theory, practice and application of digital 3D media.

Art History (Bachelor of Arts)

The educational experience for the art history student is centered on the knowledge and skills gained from rigorous and structured courses as well as the rich academic offerings throughout the university. Learn from faculty comprised of artists and historians who understand the importance of art applications both in and outside of the classroom.

Digital Design (Bachelor of Fine Arts)

Study electronic design in a studio-based program that focuses on screen-based mediums such as motion graphics, web, interactive design, user experience and design research. Your learning will take place in state-of-the-art labs and will move beyond technology to consider the social implications of visual communication and the potential of design practice as an agent of change.

Illustration (Bachelor of Fine Arts)

Today’s illustrator must understand how to communicate effectively with a chosen medium and situate their work professionally within a particular market. Our illustration students receive instruction in conceptual illustration, digital illustration, rendering, perspective, painting, exhibition preparation, professional practices and the use of various artistic and illustration techniques.

Music Business (Bachelor of Science)​

Whether you’re already an enterprising individual wishing to make the most of your musical passions, or a musician looking to manage your own livelihood, CAM’s Music Business program provides you with the indispensable skills for both professional careers and personal organization, from managing artists to concert promotions and record production to music publishing.

Painting/Drawing (Bachelor of Fine Arts)

Take a contemporary approach that works to integrate painterly and drawing concerns with focused artistic practice and developing critical dialogue. As a studio discipline, students are introduced to a variety of techniques and ideas, exposed to several art-historical and contemporary art practices and are challenged to develop a studio process that involves both formal and conceptual impact.

Music Performance (Bachelor of Science)

·       Percussion and Drum Kit

·       Guitar

·       Piano

·       Strings

·       Wind and Brass

·       Commercial Voice

Photography (Bachelor of Fine Arts)

From the dark room to the digital lab, students build the technical and conceptual skills that are necessary to produce meaningful and provocative photographs. You’ll graduate from this program with a strong conceptual framework, an ability to place images in the context of contemporary fine art photography and a portfolio that demonstrates a mastery of the medium.

Recording Arts (Bachelor of Science)

Explore the latest analog and digital technologies used in studio recording, sound reinforcement and electronic music, as well as the opportunity to master the artistic applications of those technologies to recording, composition and performance.

Singer/Songwriter (Bachelor of Science)

Singer/songwriters who want to take their act to a world-class, professional level need to look no further than CAM. Students admitted into the program will take courses in the craft of songwriting, performance techniques, popular music theory and arranging and private instruction in voice and accompanying instrument. They will also take classes in music business and recording arts.

Studio Art (Bachelor of Arts)

Artist, art director, gallery owner, art educator- these are just a few of the career possibilities open to VA’s Studio Art program graduates. Students take courses in photography, transmedia sculpture, painting and drawing, along with gaining a basis in art history and digital imaging.

Theatre (Bachelor of Arts)

While we are not accepting new theatre majors at this time, productions are still taking place and courses that support and enable other areas are being offered; we encourage you to take a closer look at our thriving Film and Television BFA program.

Film and Television (Bachelor of Fine Arts)

Get the foundations to succeed in the film and television industries by gaining experience and knowledge in all aspects of production. Learn how to conceptualize, write, produce and edit a wide variety of film and television projects, including short fiction, documentary, episodic television, TV studio production, public service announcements, promotional trailers, digital effects (i.e. green screen, color correction, computer-based 2D animation) and commercials.

Transmedia-Sculpture (Bachelor of Fine Arts)

Learn the theory and practice of traditional 3-dimensional art making alongside the 4-dimensional space of digital and interactive art. Courses include welding, woodcarving, full foundry casting, mold-making, installation and multi-media work including public sculpture, digital interactive environments and electronic performance. Working with objects, installation, body, video, sound and projection in contemporary sculpture, the Transmedia-Sculpture Program is a bridge between the digital laboratory and the sculpture studio in the context of object making, gallery, interactive social practice and networked media.

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