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University of Colorado Denver

College of Arts & Media

Painting & Drawing Emphasis

Visual Arts Department

The Painting and Drawing emphasis takes a contemporary approach that works to integrate painterly and drawing concerns with focused artistic practice and developing critical dialog. As a studio discipline, painting and drawing is as rich in visual arts history as it is charged with contemporary innovation. Painting and drawing as a studio practice encourages a multi-faceted dialogue within this continuum. Students are introduced to a variety of techniques and ideas, exposed to several art-historical and contemporary art practices, and are challenged to develop a studio process that involves both formal and conceptual impact. Painting and drawing classes are interdisciplinary in that they allow the use of multiple materials and techniques in the production of a successful art piece or body of work. Students come away with a strong studio skill base, an engaged conceptual framework, and an ability to take part in the exciting discourse of contemporary painting and drawing.

Please see our Painting and Drawing program brochure​​ and Curriculum Advising Form​ for more information and program details.

Feel free to contact the faculty directly with any questions or to schedule a visit:

​​Admissions and Portfolio Requirements...

The BFA Painting and Drawing emphasis is a fall entry program and only accepts applications once a year; students are required to apply in the sophomore year. For detailed information on portfolio and application materials, consult the following guidelines for painting and drawing: Portfolio Guidelines and Program Eligibility.

Applications must be uploaded to SlideRoom by November 1, 2015, 5:00 pm (Mountain Standard Time). Applications are only accepted online and must be formatted to the specifications listed on SlideRoom (there is a $30 fee to apply).

For step by step instructions for submitting a portfolio and application consult: Portfolio Submission Instructions for SlideRoom.​​

​To be eligible to apply, applicants must have cumulative fine arts/art history GPA of 2.75 and must have completed (or currently enrolled in) the following courses: FINE 1100 Drawing I, 1400 2D Design, 1500 3D Design, 2155 Intro to Digital Photography, 2030 Life Drawing, 2600 Art History Survey I, 2610 Art History Survey II (transfer students do not need to have 2015 and 2610).

The Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree...

The BFA in Fine Arts is the professional degree in art. With a BFA, students can choose to further their education by earning the terminal degree in the fine arts, the MFA, master of fine arts degree. In addition to the 12 required classes for a BFA in Fine Arts, Painting and Drawing emphasis students will take a standard range of core academic and foundational art classes such as Drawing I, Two and Three-Dimensional Design, Introduction to Digital Photography, Art History Survey I and II. Additional required Visual Arts courses include Contemporary Art History and Studio BFA Thesis. Painting and Drawing emphasis students complete a total of 33​ credits in the emphasis area.

To learn more about the opportunities awaiting you in the BFA Painting and Drawing emphasis, please contact a College of Arts & Media advisor.​

​Education and Encouraging...

The Visual Arts faculty is comprised of artists and historians who understand the importance of art applications both in and outside of the classroom. For this reason, your instructors strive to be the bridge between you and the professional world. The encouragement and efforts of faculty enable students to be involved with the Denver Art Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA Denver), Emmanuel Gallery and with various visiting artists, galleries and museums across the Front Range.

The faculty’s active participation in their field ensures that students receive both a traditional and a cutting-edge education.​ To learn more about the Painting and Drawing program faculty, please select their name and you will be directed to their personal web pages.

Mary K. Connelly​, Lanny DeVuono​Melissa Furness​, Vivian George​ and Quintin Gonzalez​.

Going Places...

​As a painting and drawing graduate from the Visual Arts program, the career opportunities available to you are as limitless as your motivation and imagination.

Here are just a few of the pursuits available to our program’s graduates.

  • Exhibiting in galleries and museums
  • Teaching and lecturing
  • Arts administration
  • Gallery direction
  • Public art projects/commissions
  • Art cooperatives and collectives
  • Framing and art handling
  • Arts marketing and media relations
  • Arts consulting
  • Guiding and faux finishing
  • Arts residencies/fellowships
  • Exhibition design/installation
  • Arts grant writing
  • Artistic direction and curating
  • Collections management

​​To Prospective Students (freshman and transfer):

Students who wish to transfer to the College of Arts & Media from another college or school at the University of Colorado Denver must formally apply to the College of Arts & Media. Students will be considered for admission on either their overall GPA in applicable coursework from CU and all previous institutions, or on their last 15 credit hours. Applicants with less than a 2.0 GPA in related courses (from CU or other institutions) and an overall CU GPA of less than 2.0 will be denied admission even though they may meet other requirements for consideration.

Please contact a College of Arts & Media advisor for more information about the Painting and Drawing program and portfolio requirements and deadlines.