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University of Colorado Denver

College of Arts & Media

Our Educational Goals

At the College of Arts & Media we believe that the arts are essential for us to express ourselves, know ourselves, and understand the world around us.  You’ll find a variety of students in our programs. Many are from the Denver area, while others come from around the country and around the world.  Some are seeking their first degree, others a career change, many others personal growth and enrichment.  Our programs emphasize artistic excellence, whether in visual art or multimedia studies, theatre, film, or music.  We incorporate real-world knowledge into the classroom and provide that same experience for our students.  Convocations with arts professionals, lectures and workshops by visiting artists, internships with start-up entertainment companies, and other challenging opportunities let students test out the theories while learning about and understanding the dynamics of their chosen profession.  We’ve also established cooperative relationships with civic groups, regional arts agencies, museums, galleries, performance venues, public schools and community colleges, professional societies, and the business community.

CAM Goals

  • The College of Arts & Media aims to instill, inspire, and model creativity founded upon the accumulated knowledge of human civilization.
  • The college serves as an intersection of art, technology, and commerce.
  • The college seeks to develop the artist committed to social responsibility and the citizen who will advocate for the role of the artist in society.
  • The college strives to become a center of cross-cultural exchange and understanding.
  • The college works to enrich the quality of life in the larger community, to foster community partnerships, and to encourage mentorship.
  • The college aims to integrate interdisciplinary modes of learning and creating.
  • The college adapts to meet future needs of diverse student constituencies.