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Master of Science In Global Energy Management

Relevant skills for future energy leaders

The Global Energy Management (GEM) Program at the University of Colorado Denver Business School is a hybrid-online Master of Science (MS) degree program exclusively designed to develop future leaders in the energy industry. Students who want an “energy MBA” enroll in GEM because it offers graduate business courses (accounting, finance, strategic management, marketing, economics, etc.) that are focused entirely on the energy industry. Earning an MS versus an MBA is a benefit to energy professionals because it differentiates them from masses earning a non-specific MBA. Upon completion of the program, students will gain the business acumen and leadership abilities needed to get that “next promotion” or “new position” in the energy industry. Students must complete 36 semester hour credits to earn their MS in GEM.

GEM was designed for the working professional and therefore offers three different ways to enroll: cohort degree, part-time degree, or non-degree seeking. In addition, GEM's hybrid-online delivery method allows busy professionals from around the world to earn their master's degree wherever they work or live. At the beginning of each quarter, students travel to Denver for four days (Friday - Monday) to meet for classes. GEM students then return home and complete the remainder of their coursework using innovative technologies in online collaboration. All GEM courses are delivered via the hybrid-online format.


Cohort Degree Program

Cohort-based learning is popular delivery format in which students start, progress and graduate through the program together. With GEM, cohort-learning provides a structured, accelerated program that allows students to complete their degree in just 18 months. For busy working professionals, knowing when you will finish your degree is crucial. You will also know exactly what courses you will be taking and when. In addition, cohorts build a strong community that fosters learning because students build strong relationships with their colleagues.

GEM’s cohort brings together like-minded, driven professionals with similar career goals; these individuals take all 12 courses together. The cost of each course is $4500 (USD). Textbooks, airfare and your accommodations at the Westin Hotel Downtown Denver are not included in the price of tuition. In addition to each other, cohort students will also be enrolled in courses with GEM part-time and non-degree students.

Part-time Degree Program

The part-time program is a non-cohort based approach to completing your GEM degree. It provides students with greater flexibility because courses can be taken at the pace that suits their time and financial parameters. The tradeoff for this flexibility is that it will take longer than 18 months to graduate. The GEM Program recommends that students do not take longer than three years (which is one class per quarter) to graduate. Students may select the part-time option if they want to spread out their tuition payments over a longer period of time. The cost of each course is $4500 (USD). Part-time students will also be in courses with GEM cohort and non-degree seeking students.

Non-Degree Seeking Program

The non-degree seeking program is for energy professionals who are not seeking an MS in Global Energy Management but would like to enroll in individual GEM courses. Up to three courses (or 9 credits) can be taken as a non-degree seeking student. If a student wishes to enroll in the GEM degree program in the future, the courses will count toward their master’s degree as long as he/she has earned a grade of “C” or better. Students taking individual courses will have the same learning requirements and expectations for each course that degree seeking students have.

The non-degree option is also ideal for students enrolled in another graduate degree program other than GEM and who want to use GEM courses as an elective. Students are responsible for getting approval from their degree program to use GEM courses toward their credits toward graduation. The cost of each course is $4500 (USD). Non-degree students will be enrolled in courses with GEM cohort and part-time students.


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