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Global health veteran helps launch maternal care program in Guatemala

Center for Human Development in Guatemala

AURORA, Colo. (Sept. 25, 2014) - As a child growing up, Gretchen Heinrichs would listen to her mother as she told tales of East Africa where she worked as a Peace Corps volunteer.

Experts warn U.S. in danger of losing biotechnology edge

Dr. Dan Theodorescu of CU Cancer Center addresses panel at 21st century cures roundtable

DENVER—The U.S. is in danger of losing its biomedical edge to countries that are aggressively funding research into personalized medicine. That was a key message from the 21st Century Cures Roundtable at National Jewish Health.

Expression of privilege in vaccine refusal

Child getting vaccinated

DENVER (August 27, 2014) - A new study conducted by Jennifer Reich, a researcher at CU Denver, shows that the reasons why children may not be fully vaccinated depends on the class privilege of their mothers.

Giving student veterans another reason to smile

AURORA, Colo. (Aug. 26, 2014) – University of Colorado Denver|Anschutz Medical Campus continues its ongoing commitment to student veterans with the opening of the CU Heroes Clinic, thanks to a $1 million gift from Delta Dental of Colorado.

Economic disparities impact infant health

Cute baby

DENVER (Aug. 20, 2014) - Women who are poor have higher cortisol levels in pregnancy and give birth to infants with elevated levels of the stress hormone, putting them at greater risk for serious disease later in life, according to a CU Denver study.

Public health doctoral students work to pre-empt Ebola outbreak

Nigerian doctoral studetnts in Colorado School of Public Health working to stem spread of Ebola

AURORA, Colo. - Colorado School of Public Health doctoral students Nnamdi Ezeanochie and Ebele Mogo are half a world away from their African home, but that's not stopping them from doing all they can to halt the spread of the deadly Ebola virus.

The Ebola Virus

Videos: "Three facts you need to know about the Ebola virus" and "What is ZMapp?"

Overcoming barriers to physical activity for African-American women

African-American women

AURORA, Colo. (July 23, 2014) - A study conducted by the Center for African American Health and the Center for Women’s Health Research finds that African American women whose hairstyle is affected by perspiration may avoid physical activity altogether.

High school lacrosse players at risk for concussions and other injuries

High school lacrosse players

AURORA, Colo. (July 22, 2014) - With over 170,000 students now playing high school lacrosse, more and more are being exposed to injuries during practice and competition, according to a new study from the Colorado School of Public Health.

Study shows widespread oral health problems among Navajo

Terry Batliner, DDS

AURORA, Colo. (July 8, 2014) -A new study from the Colorado School of Public Health show that despite modest improvements, poor oral health remains a major problem in the Navajo Nation and among American Indian overall.

Partnership to increase awareness of autism in adults

AURORA, Colo. - While much focus is paid to children with autism, the CU School of Medicine’s JFK Partners is collaborating with The Autistic Global Initiative to increase awareness of the growing population of adults with autism.

CU researcher helps Type 1 diabetics sleep better

Sleeping child

AURORA, Colo. (May 12, 2014) New research could soon make it easier for people with type 1 diabetes to get a safe night’s sleep. Very low blood-sugar levels can cause seizures or even, in rare cases, death.

Statins given early decrease progression of kidney disease


AURORA, Colo. (May 8, 2014) - A CU School of Medicine study shows that pravastatin, a common treatment for high cholesterol, also slows down the growth of kidney cysts in children and young adults with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD).

A family’s loss turns into a message about drug interactions

Geremi Boom received the first JP Prescription Drug Awareness Foundation scholarship

AURORA, Colo. (May 5, 2014) - A family that lost a loved one to a combination of prescription drugs is working with University of Colorado’s Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (CU SSPPS) to prevent similar deaths.

Extreme Weight Loss begins at Anschutz Health and Wellness Center

Anschutz Health and Wellness Center

AURORA, Colo. (April 21, 2014) - The ABC Television Network will air 13 two-hour episodes of the hit series “Extreme Weight Loss,” a unique, non-competitive show about weight loss transformations.

2014 hPod Health Professions Opportunity Day

Young students get hands-on experience in health care

AURORA, Colo. (April 17, 2014) - More than 200 young students participated in the 2014 Health Professions Opportunity Day at the Anschutz Medical Campus.

CU researchers unraveling what’s behind the sniffles

Blowing nose

AURORA, Colo. (April 11, 14) – Scientists at the University of Colorado School of Medicine have shed light on one of the most common of ailments – the runny nose. Understanding the cause could lead to a cure.

Burden of diabetic ketoacidosis still unacceptably high

Blood sugar test

AURORA, Colo. (March 31, 2014) - Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), a life-threatening but preventable condition, remains an important problem for youth with diabetes and their families.

Bioscience 2 Opening: A new idea, a new building

ANSCHUTZ, Colo. (March 26, 2014) - A new venture next to the Anschutz Medical Campus will take the unusual step of combining research, business and education under one roof.

Research breakthrough explores severity of autism symptoms

AURORA, Colo. (March 24, 2014) – The same gene family that may have helped the human brain become large and complex also is linked to the severity of autism, research from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus shows.

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