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The Misguided War on Sexting
To save kids from the dangers of sexting, we should stop trying to save kids from the dangers of sexting. So suggests Amy Adele Hasinoff, an assistant professor of communications at the University of Colorado Denver, in her counterintuitive but convincing new book, Sexting Panic: Rethinking Criminalization, Privacy, and Consent (University of Illinois Press).
Dietary supplements linked to increased cancer risk
Dr. Tim Byers, director for cancer prevention and control at the University of Colorado Cancer Center, conducted a meta-analysis of two decades worth of research -- 12 trials that involved more than 300,000 people -- and found a number of supplements actually made a person much more likely to develop certain types of cancer.
CBS News4/20/2015
Waterloo region kids involved in child porn investigation
Canadian researcher Amy Hasinoff, an assistant professor at the University of Colorado Denver, said it’s not totally uncommon for some children around 12 and 13 to be sexting, or sexually active in general. But there’s no research suggesting children are sexting younger and younger, she added
Toronto Star4/18/2015
Envisioning a Colorado Haven for Readers, Nestled Amid Mountains of Books
The pair also gathered an extensive list of dedicated supporters, including Kat Vlahos, director of the Center of Preservation Research at the University of Colorado, Denver. She began assigning her architecture students to draw up mock plans for the library.
New York Times4/16/2015
Strand Life Sciences opens U.S. headquarters at Fitzsimons in Aurora
Advancements in next-generation sequencing have created a "treasure trove" of data that could be applied in the field of oncology, said Dr. Dan Theodorescu, director of the University of Colorado Cancer Center at the university's School of Medicine on the Anschutz Medical Campus.
Denver Post4/15/2015
Retirement: The payoffs of an active lifestyle
Some people are planning ahead for their physical fitness in retirement just like they plan for their financial fitness, says one of the country's top national diet and exercise experts. And that's as it should be, he says.
USA Today4/15/2015
CU Denver domestic violence program provides help, advocacy
A program at CU Denver is working to raise awareness of domestic violence and gender abuse.
9 NEWS4/14/2015
CU Denver All-Women A Cappella Group Wins Nationwide Competition
University of Colorado Denver’s all-women a cappella group claimed first place at the Boston Sings (BOSS) Scholastic Competition. The group, Lark, beat out other prestigious schools such as Northeastern University, the University of Texas, and the Berklee College of Music last Friday. Lark consists of nine undergraduate women.
CBS Denver4/14/2015
Colorado's proposed 'right to rest' law slated for debate at the Capitol
Tony Robinson, the chair of CU Denver's Political Science Department and author of the report, and Denver City Councilman Albus Brooks spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner.
Colorado Public Radio4/13/2015
Small Businesses Can Reap Benefits From Wellness Programs
“Small businesses face significant barriers when considering work site wellness programs because they lack the money, time, and knowledge about how to implement them,” said Dr. Lee Newman, professor of environmental and occupational health at the Colorado School of Public Health at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus, and the study’s lead author.
Risk and Insurance4/13/2015
Guest Commentary: Politics intruding on Kids Survey
Thanks to the survey, we now know that physically active teens on sports teams are less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol or engage in risky sexual behaviors. We also know that if teenagers use marijuana, they are more likely to attempt suicide. …
Denver Post4/13/2015
Denver Police evacuate apartment building due to suspicious device
University of Colorado Denver and Metropolitan State University students living at the complex were shut out of their residences, and without access to their cars, for 3½ hours. It started with police knocking on their doors and telling them to get out, they said. And they received a text from campus officials.
Denver Post4/11/2015
Woman's 'Burning Mouth Syndrome' Had Strange Cause
"It's common in postmenopausal women, and affects up to 7 percent of the general population," said study co-author Dr. Maria Nagel, a neurovirologist and professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Aurora. Nagel compared the feeling to a "sunburn inside the mouth," adding that it feels similar to the pain caused by a tooth infection or a root canal.
Live Science4/10/2015
Denver doesn't earn enough to support its pro teams — but we do anyway
Woody Eckard, professor of economics at the University of Colorado Denver, said it's because Denver's relatively low cost of living and the city's stance as a sports-loving town also comes into play.
Denver Business Journal4/9/2015
Colorado Doctor Urges Surgeon General To Say Indoor Tanning Causes Cancer
“Indoor UV tanning causes skin cancer,” Dr. Bob Dellavalle of the University of Colorado Cancer Center said. Dellavalle says there’s no tiptoeing around tanning beds. In a commentary in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, he urges the surgeon general to make the definitive connection between indoor tanning and cancer.
CBS Denver4/9/2015
New Aurora medical production lab could keep top Anschutz talent from going elsewhere
Housed in a 14,000-square-foot laboratory, the Gates Biomanufacturing Facility will focus on providing regenerative therapies for patients with diseases ranging from macular degeneration and skin irregularities to cancer.
Aurora Sentinel4/8/2015
Family donates $1.5M for young breast cancer research
An infusion of $1.5 million will go a long way at the University of Colorado Cancer Center. Dr. Virginia Borges will lead the research from the funding to help find new treatments for young women and young mothers who have breast cancer.
9 News4/8/2015
Doors Open Denver offers rare look inside 60 buildings (Slideshow)
Doors Open Denver also has several street tours leading up the event itself. The tours — guided by urban planning and development expert Ken Schroeppel, professor at the Urban and Regional Planning Program at the University of Colorado Denver and author of the blog "DenverInfill" — provide a thorough history of development in downtown Denver.
Denver Business Journal4/7/2015
CU Denver study calls camping ban 'counterproductive'
A study from the University of Colorado Denver found Denver's ban on sleeping or camping on city streets to be "harmful" to homeless people and ultimately "counterproductive." Professor Tony Robinson, the chair of CU Denver's political science department, called the law "legally indefensible and counterproductive in addressing the problem of the homeless" in a news release.
9 News4/7/2015
Guest Commentary: Throwing a yellow flag on the treatment of American Indians
Clearly American Indians have been and remain a disadvantaged and marginalized group -- which brings us back to the question of negative mascot imagery. I believe that the dehumanizing portrayal of American Indians as atavistic mascots makes it easier to dismiss their very real hardships.
Denver Post4/6/2015