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Professor ditches classroom for farm
In 2013, she began allowing CU Denver to use her farm as an outdoor classroom for the classes with the Department of Geography and Environmental Science. She owns and cares for all of the animals. Urban farming is beginning to appeal to more people, ...
No Place For Home: Are trailer parks a thing of the past?
Allan Wallis is the author of Wheel Estate: The Rise and Decline of Mobile Homes. He is also an associate professor of public policy at the School of Public Affairs at the University of Colorado Denver
CBC Radio4/15/2014
Forget Clip-On Trackers and Wristbands: This Smart Shoe Insole Will Track Your Physical Activity
SmartMove has its origins in research that analyzed the gait of stroke patients undertaken at University of Colorado Denver, Colorado State University, and Clarkson University.
Fast Company4/15/2014
3D technology in mammograms another tool in breast cancer fight
DENVER — It's a new way to fight breast cancer and more women will now have access to it. The University of Colorado Hospital now brings 3D mammogram technology to women in Denver in an amazing mobile unit. It's a quick, easy and life-saving step to ...
New Medtronic Heart Valve Threatened By Court Decision
The Wall Street Journal interviewed John Carroll, the director of interventional cardiology at the University of Colorado Hospital, which uses the Sapien valve but had planned to start training to use the CoreValve as well. Carroll told the WSJ that ...
City Council invests money in design concepts for downtown Craig
The project is a partnership between the city of Craig and the University of Colorado, Denver to develop design concepts for the downtown segment of Yampa Avenue. City Council voted, 6-0 (Craig City Council member Joe Bird was absent), to use $1,900 of ...
Craig Daily Press4/15/2014
New towns pose major health risks for India's poor
Throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America 'new towns' are rapidly being built on the outskirts of major cities with the goal of relieving population pressures, according to study author Andrew Rumbach from the University of Colorado Denver. The towns ..
Business Standard4/14/2014
New study links liver disease gene to bladder cancer
When you turn off these suppressors, cancer grows," Dan Theodorescu, MD, PhD, director of the University of Colorado Cancer Center and the study's senior author, said. To discover which genes, when deactivated, might drive bladder cancer, Theodorescu ...
Ani News4/14/2014
Colorado responds slowly to psychotropic drug use among foster kids
About half of the kids on government insurance who are taking antipsychotics in Colorado have not been diagnosed with a psychotic illness, or at least do not have one listed in their Medicaid claims, according to an analysis of the claims by CU school of pharmacy researchers and released to The Post.
Denver Post4/13/2014
CU Denver offers support to student veterans
On CU Denver's campus there is a safe place where student veterans can find support. Patrick Browne is the Interim Director of the Veteran Student Services Program. "It's a good place for veterans to connect with other veterans to get to know each ...
Experimental drugs approved faster thanks to "break through" legislation
Fortunately, Rosenberg's persistent daughters encouraged him to seek help in Dr. Dan Pollyea's clinical trial of the drug Ibrutinib at C-U'S Anschutz Medical Campus. "It's a real testimony to the pioneer spirit of these people to do this," Doctor Dan ...
GOCO Awards $100K to Ridgway School Playground Renovation Project
The 12-member playground task force is comprised of students, Ridgway School District staff, parents and community members who will oversee the fundraising, design and construction of the new playground.
Watch Newspapers4/12/2014
Doors OPEN Denver invites the public inside the city's architectural gems
Assistant dean at the University of Colorado Denver’s College of Architecture and Planning Leo Darnell, who also has a professional and community background in architecture, says Doors OPEN Denver brings awareness to what’s happening within the city's urban landscape...
Colorado Public Radio4/11/2014
Online scheduling fitting right in with consumers and doctors
Denver-area consumers can now book appointments online with selected University of Colorado Hospital physicians in a pilot program designed to improve patient satisfaction and cut down on the region's average 19-day wait to see a specialist.
M Health News4/11/2014
Medicare reimbursement data offers trove of consumer info
Stuart Fine, a researcher involved in the initial comparison study between Lucentis and Avastin, countered that the rates of adverse effects associated with the two drugs are similar.
New study links liver disease gene to bladder cancer
The University of Colorado Cancer Center study details the discovery of a new genetic driver of bladder cancer: silencing of the gene AGL. "We tend to think of cancer resulting from mutations that let genes make things they shouldn't or turn on when ...
Business Standard4/9/2014
Zombie Cancer Cells 'Rescue' Themselves Before Death, May Complicate ...
Researchers from the University of Colorado Cancer Center found that autophagy may allow tumor cells to return from the dead. Scientists working with a chemotherapy drug known as TRAIL noticed that when tumor cells' mitochondrial walls began to break ...
International Business Times4/9/2014
Cocktails for a Cure gives cancer a kick tonight
Grab your gal pals and head downtown tonight to sip expertly mixed drinks while giving cancer a swift kick. Cocktails for a Cure, a benefit for the University of Colorado Cancer Center, will feature some of the finest mixologists in town, including ...
Storytellers: After 10 years, drummer can finally hear again
Ten years ago, medication from Doug Lagasse's cystic fibrosis treatment stripped him of his hearing. Fortunately, doctors at University of Colorado Hospital were able to install a cochlear implant to help restore Lagasse's hearing.
Gold nanorods attach to, kill bladder cancer cells
A major strategy of modern cancer research is to discover a difference between cancerous and healthy cells and then to specifically target this difference to kill cancer cells without harming healthy tissue. A University of Colorado Cancer ...