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How to use the tabs page layout

SharePoint 2010 Content Format Concepts

Tabs Page Layout

The main benefit of using the Tabs Page Layout is the ease of maintenance, because it does not require HTML coding.

The Tabs Page Layout can have a maximum of five tabs and a minimum of two tabs.

Tabs layout editing 

  1. When using the Tabs Page Layout, there are five tab titles available. Each tab title accepts a limited amount of text. Titles should be short, succinct and never wrap to two lines.
  2. When you click your mouse in each tab title field, a corresponding content area will show beneath it on the edit page view. These content areas will be color coded and only one content area will show at a time. To show another tab content area, click in the desired tab title field.
  3. To edit a tab title, click in the tab Title field and edit the text.
  4. To edit tab content, click on the desired tab Title field and proceed to the matching content area and add or modify your tab content.
  5. Select Check In from the ribbon once your changes are complete.
  6. Publish the page when you are ready for the public to see your updates.
  7. Check In the page to see the tabs as they will appear in the browser.

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