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Issues with MOSS

If something is not working right, let us know


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Active Issues

When you are working in MOSS and either what you expect to happen doesn't or something else happens. please let me know. Sometimes it is simply "user error" but sometimes it is a problem.


 Active Issues

Issue or problem
Describe issue or problem
Work around
ActiveX Control error
Scott if working to resolve this issue.
Run the ActiveX control.

Resolved Issues

Issues listed here have been reported and corrected. You'll find the resolution date, a description of the problem and a work-around if applicable.


 Resolved Issues

Issue or problem
Describe issue or problem
Work around
Visitors are asked for credentials when accessing a linked document  
When a Word or Excel document is linked to text in a SharePoint 2007 publishing site and if the visitor is using Microsoft Explorer; the visitor is prompted for user credentials when the document link is selected. If the visitor selects “Cancel,” the document will open. But since our sites are accessed anonymously, the visitor doesn’t know what credentials are and, more than likely, exits the site.
Convert all document files to PDF files.
Cannot copy or move pages
The issue was simple--authenticated users were not able to move or copy pages. The problem seems to be related to the permission structure in our farm--database collection. Site Collection Administrators can move and copy pages but Site Owners with full control permissions cannot. After months of troubleshooting with Microsoft, this issue has been resolved. Now authenticated users with permission can perform this simple task without error.
Issue has been resolved
Changing permissions
As a site owner, you should be able to view groups and members. However, when the site was created, if the site owner was chosen, then permissions may not be visable. 
Change the Group Owner name to the Site Owner on the site settings menu. If you have questions, please contactCarol Martin.
Cannot edit page titles
On the UC Denver site, pages cannot be renamed in the "Edit Properties" menu from the Manage Content and Structure View.
This has been identified as a Microsoft bug. A programming solution is in the works. But until then, here is a work around:   Use the “AllItems.aspx” view of the pages library for whatever subsite you are dealing with: http://[server]/[sub site Path]/Pages/Forms/AllItems.aspx   Once there, you can successfully access the “Edit Properties” interface.  Rename the page and know that if any other page references this link, it will be updated in the page link.
Why doesn't search work when I hit the "Enter" key?
The search functionality in MOSS has been modified to be more like "Google." Before, you had to click on the magnifying glass icon for the search functionality to work. But today, MOSS will deliver a search result when either the "Enter" key or the magnifying glass icon is selected.   To most people, this seemed like a mistake, but in a .NET environment an “Enter” keystroke simply means “I have completed this form field and am ready for the next field.” But we recognized that this is not the functionality people expect—like Google, when you hit “enter” it performs a search. We worked to change the actual functionally to the expected functionality. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to send usfeedback.
MOSS will deliver a search result when either the "Enter" key or the magnifying glass icon is selected.

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