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File Backup and Restore

Office of Information Technology provides an enterprise level backup service for backup of data on OIT-owned servers, department-owned servers housed in an OIT server room, and department-housed servers as requested.

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The backup system works as follows:


  • Data on the server is backed up the night the file is first created.
  • As the file is modified, each revision of that file is also backed up and is kept for 30 days.
  • At day 31, the earliest revision is removed from the backup environment.
  • The last copy of the file is kept (assuming no additional modifications) until it is deleted from the server.
  • At time of deletion, each revision of the file will age off the backup as it reaches the 30-day retention limit. If a file is renamed or moved from the server to another location (like a desktop hard drive) the backup system behaves as though the file was deleted.
  • Secondary of backup data is retained off-site for disaster recovery purposes.


  • If data needs to be kept for reporting requirements, but no longer needs to be accessed regularly, it can be archived.
  • For information about archiving, please contact:
  • OIT recognizes that some departments may have the need to keep data for extended periods of time.  Data can be archived to meet this need.  A one-time charge of 1 hour at the LAN Support Rate will be charged for setup.  Based on usage monthly tape and tape storage, costs will be charged at the listed rates.


Backup Costs

Outside Server
CU Anschutz/
CU Denver
Backup Outside Server
Monthly +
Backup Storage over 100GB
OIT Hosted Physical Server
CU Anschutz/
CU Denver
Physical Server Backups and Support
Monthly + Backup Storage over 100GB
OIT Hosted Virtual Server
Backup Storage
CU Anschutz/
CU Denver
Virtual Server Backups and Support
Backup storage over 100GB
Monthly + Backup storage over 100GB
CU Anschutz/
CU Denver
One Time +
1 Hour
Archiving Backup Tapes
CU Anschutz/
CU Denver
Tape Costs
One Time
LAN Support
Storage LAN Support CU Anschutz/
CU Denver
​LAN Support Hourly ​$80.00
Backup Tape
CU Anschutz/
CU Denver
Tape Storage

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