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Educational Opportunity Programs

University of Colorado Denver

Frequently Asked Questions

Educational Opportunity Programs




 Do you only help students of color students?

​The Educational Opportunity Programs will provide help to any student that needs support. The goal of our office is to provide support to all students to achieve success.4

 What is the Educational Opportunity Programs?

The Educational Opportunity Programs is developed to assist students of color to enroll and gain entrance into CU Denver to complete their baccalaureate degrees and beyond. Additionally, the Educational Opportunity Programs office, students, graduates and staff provide a fundamental link to the diverse community that surrounds the university.1

 What does the Educational Opportunity Programs do?

​The Educational Opportunity Programs assists and supports students in a variety of areas throughout their collegiate experiences though a uniquely designed program. Students gain support in areas including education, financial aid, holistic advising, sponsorship, and tutoring. Students in the Educational Opportunity Programs experience cultural events to aid in cross-cultural understanding, self-concept and cultural identity. 2

 How does the Educational Opportunity Programs work?

​Our services can be utilized though a phone call, email the staff, walking services, making an appointment with the staff or students. Our office will provide various types of support to meet the various needs of the students. If the office cannot provide the type of support needed for the student, we will direct the students to the correct office to receive the support needed. 3

 Can any Director help me with my problem, even if I am not a member of the ethnic group they serve?

​Any director is willing to help any student with their problem, regardless of race, gender or ethnicity.5

 When on academic probation, what is the Academic Success Program Packet?

​The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences requires it’s students to maintain a 2.0 GPA, if the GPA falls below the 2.0 GPA; the student will be placed on academic probation. A student who is placed on academic probation will be required to complete the Academic Success Program Packet. The packet is designed to assist the students in study skills, career counseling and the CLAS probation and suspension policies.6

 Can You help me with the Academic Success Program Packet?

​We can help the student complete the packet and point the student in the right direction to get their academics back on track. A meeting with a staff or advocate will not count as an advisory session, these sessions need to be done with an advisor in the CLAS. The Educational Opportunity Programs is a resource for students.7

 Does the Educational Opportunity Programs do advising?

We do not do provide advising. However, once students meet with advisors to get their academic plan, we can then assist students by helping to schedule their classes.8

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Educational Opportunity Programs

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